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Wow. That is the best word to describe what is going on with Tripleseat.

The last few months have been a flurry of activity for Tripleseat.

I was recently asked to participate in the Web Innovators Group monthly meeting called Webinno23. There was over 1,000 people there ranging from entrepreneurs, media, PR, investors and web designers and developers. The meeting was at the Cambridge Royal Sonesta in the center of MIT and the hot bed of web innovation so it was great to get people’s feedback on Tripleseat.

Because of the Webinno meeting I naturally had to have a jingle for the event, something that would stay with everyone as they checked out Tripleseat. The jingle was big hit (of course, who doesn’t want a jingle). A big thank you goes out to Devin who in less then a few weeks wrote the jingle for me. Check out the jingle Tripleseat Jingle and below are the lyrics.

When pen and paper fail you
And your software’s bugging out
There’s a web-based application
That’ll cure you of your doubts

See your calender in China
Or your dining leads from peru
Organize all of your contacts
When and where is up to you

Tripleseat(clap clap)
Book Private dining without skipping a beat

Tripleseat(clap clap)
Save time and make money with web efficiency

One day after the webinno23 meeting I was off to the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Unconference at Sun’s HQ in Burlington Ma. I was one the few chosen to receive a “scholarship” to this conference which meant I had the opportunity to meet with any two experts for one-on-one about any subject that I chose.

There were over 80 experts at this conference all them leaders and visionaries in the field of business, technology, leadership the list goes on and on. It was very hard to choose who to talk to. I have to say my favorite person I ran into was Ted Baker. He was the Rear Admiral for the U.S. Navy (Ret) in the 80’s and led the task force the redefined the Navy’s mission after the fall of the Soviet Union. Just a real nice guy with lots to offer. (Ted if you read this, I promise, no West Point for my son)

In addition there were hundreds of sessions to attend that were made up on the spot. This put the “un” in the unconference. For me, it was a mid blowing experience to be part of something like this. Everyone (over 400 people) participated.

But wait there is more. The very next day the good people of the new restaurant in Boston Post390 invited me to their pre-opening party. Post390 is awesome. The restaurant is two floors with bars on both floors and exposed kitchen on the second floor (don’t see that very often) in addition there is a cozy fireplace on both floors. The food was great. I had a range of food from Mac and Cheese balls (yum) to homemade Boston Cream donuts. This place is going to tear it up in Boston for sure.

In addition to all this eating and learning I just got back from NYC where I had an opportunity to meet with some folks about Tripleseat. It is all very hush hush right now but maybe just maybe something soon will happen that I can talk about. We will see.

On the customer front Tripleseat has signed up great restaurants in Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago (yeah), Boston and NY. As the holiday season fast approaches more and more restaurants know they can’t do “business as usual” and are reaching out to Tripleseat to help them book and manage more business.

Development on Tripleseat is in high gear also. We are working on a number of projects but the biggest one for sure is the new BEO (Banquet Event Order). The BEO rework has proven to be very difficult with lots of moving parts. Seems that no two restaurants do BEO’s the same way which leads to potential confusion. We are busy on building out a more flexible design and eliminating anything that might be difficult or hard to understand. A tall task but we are VERY close. So, be patient with us, it will be worth the wait.

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