2010 Blog Resolution – Have More Fun



Well it is 2010 and some resolutions are in order for Tripleseat. I spent some time reading the old blog postings and I decided while good, they are a tad, dare I say it?…Preachy. My hope in 2009 was to help educate and share my catering experiences with everyone plus keep you up to date with what is happening with Tripleseat.

For 2010 I want to lighten it up and continue to tell you what is happening with Tripleseat the company and the product.

So without further ado here is a quick story from my days when I was a Front Desk Manager at the Marriott Copley in Boston Ma.

Boston Marriott Lobby

Boston Marriott Lobby

I pulled the early shift which means Check Outs with grumpy people rushing to catch a plane back home or to the office. This was in the early 90’s when women wore running shoes while all decked out in their power suits that screamed “I am important, look I run to things” Anyways, this young lady in her thirties comes to the desk and is obviously in a rush (thank God for the track shoes) and proceeds to say to the Front Desk clerk next to me “check me out” in a mean sort of way.

Well the clerk is a street smart kid from Southie looking to break into the rap game we will call him Bob. This job is just to make some extra cash until he makes it “big”. He is very quick witted and has a very dry sense of humor. Not a day went by when he would not say something in his thick Boston accent that would not make me either wince or cry laughing. This day was no exception.

After she flings the key to Bob and says “check me out” Bob takes the key she flung at him, puts his hand on his chin, takes a few seconds and looks at her up and down and  proceeds to say “you’re looking good.”

Needless to say that was not what she meant nor was expecting. After I got over my shock I could not help but start to laugh and had to excuse myself to the back room. A few days later the letter of complaint arrived about Bob and he was let go. Sad really.

The lesson I learned. Never mess with women who wear track shoes.