2 Tripleseat Tools Your Venue Should Use to Drive Holiday Bookings


The 2020 holiday season was a scaled-back version of end-of-the-year celebrations due to coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions. This year, thanks to COVID-19 vaccine availability, the holidays are making a comeback, and customers are ready to book.

OpenTable has seen a boost in December reservations, noting a 44 percent increase in reservations made during the first half of October for December dates. Customers are eager to book, and your venue needs to get ready.

You should be using these two Tripleseat tools that will help your venue generate more business during the holiday season: the lead form and Tripleseat’s Global Lead Network. Let’s explore why these tools are your best bet.

1. Tripleseat lead form

The lead form is a seamless way to receive event inquiries in your Tripleseat account and turn those leads into bookings with just a few clicks after entering their contact information, details about the event, and preferred date and time.

You can customize your lead forms with your venue’s branding and create a special lead form for holidays that has holiday branding, and any information customers need to know about end-of-year bookings. Every lead form can be easily linked to from your venue’s website and marketing tools like email or social media sites. Plus, use our reporting tools to track leads from your holiday form so you know how much seasonal business came from any marketing campaigns you ran that linked to the lead form.

If you’re using Tripleseat+ Direct during the holidays, your lead form has even more options for customers. Tripleseat+ Direct provides your venue with an easy way for customers to book not only holiday events but also full-service, pick-up, and drop-off catering. Customers can choose the service, their date and time, and menu options, book services, and pay in just a few steps.

2. EventUp

Nothing beats the power and reach of EventUp. The listings site will get your venue in front of millions of event planners and you’ll never pay a commission or fees for leads.

EventUp is the most popular venue directory online, helping 4 million visitors and generating more than 500,000 leads per year. Listings on EventUp are the top Google search result in every market for event search terms. Your listing will get directly in front of event planners when they search for a venue for holiday bookings. EventUp profiles include venue photography, floor plans, and videos, along with venue descriptions and highlights.

Sponsored listings are available for EventUp, and bring your venue even more exposure. They’ll put your venue front and center in searches on each site at the top of results and on prominent positions throughout the sites and searches.

Get started now for a successful holiday season

These are just two of the tools and features that Tripleseat offers to book and manage successful events. If you are not a Tripleseat customer but want to increase sales and drive business to your restaurant or unique venue for the holiday season, click here to schedule a demo to learn about how Tripleseat can help you.