13 Tripleseat Updates We Know You’ll Love


We’re excited to share our latest updates to help our customers at restaurants, hotels, and unique venues streamline the event planning process. We’ve taken suggestions from our Tripleseat customers and used the creativity of our development team to bring you 13 updates and features that we know you’ll love.

1. Email templates included in guest replies

When using email templates to send discussions, the template message can now be included in your guest’s response. This can be turned on for specific discussion email templates in
Settings > Discussion Email Templates > Edit > Check off the box to include the email in the guest response.

To learn more, please watch a video on this feature:

Email Template Included In Reply from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

2. Lost reason drop down

When an event is lost, it defaults to a free hand text box. But now you can change that to a dropdown list. This will allow you to have set responses if your business chooses. Go to Settings > Preferences> Dropdowns> Event Lost Reasons > Add your custom responses.

To learn more and find out how to turn the feature on, watch the video:

Lost Reason Dropdown from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

3. Guest portal links

The guest portal links allow you to send direct links to your customers that give them access to the guest portal (similar to the direct link for documents). This is the same link as view this event at the bottom of the discussion. This is helpful if you want to share the guest portal with a client without going through discussions.

4. Booking layout update on event page

This update is a huge timesaver! When you create a new event, your event details will automatically populate from the booking information. If you need to make an adjustment, click Edit right under the event name.

5. Bookings page financial rollup

When reviewing a booking (not an event) all the financials will now roll onto the details page of the booking! So what does this mean? If you have one booking with three events detailed separately, you can see the total worth of the booking on the booking details page. There’s no need to look at each event individually.

6. Bookings page discussion rollup

More and more of our customers have multiple events on a booking, so we’re working towards a more comprehensive booking page. The booking page is becoming more elaborate and now will wrap up discussions for each individual event. This allows event managers to see the big picture on those large events.

7. Unassigned rooms

This is focused on our new hotel product. When events are planned so far in the distance, the exact room is impossible to plan for and we have accounted for that! You are now able to turn on un-assigned rooms as an option to book in.

Learn more about unassigned rooms in the video below:

Unassigned Rooms from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

8. Waitlist

We’ve created an optional waitlist status for events. Users can add an event to a previously booked room, and if that previous event is marked as lost, the waitlist booking will be added automatically as a prospect status event. If there is more then one waitlisted event, the first event put on the waitlist is moved to prospect. Your admin can turn on this feature under Settings > Preferences.

Check out this video for more information on the waitlist status:

Waitlist Video from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

9. Event sales summary report

We’ve added a new report called the Event Sales Summary Report under the Reports tab. The report will show event sales by location or manager for the entire year. The information can be grouped by month, quarter, weekly, or — if fiscal periods are set up — by fiscal period. The month view allows you to compare sales to sales goals. An event sale is the actual amount (before taxes and fees) for a definite or closed event.

Find out more about this report in our video:

Event Sales Summary Report from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

10. Webhooks

Our webhooks feature has been released and available for customers now. If you’re not familiar with webhooks, they deliver data to applications with real-time information. Webhooks provide an easy and low impact way to build integrations that need certain events and updates made in Tripleseat. This includes when a lead is created or converted, and when an event is created, updated, deleted, or has a change in status, guest counts, or date and times. To learn more about webhooks and Tripleseat, read our knowledge base article.

11. User role improvements and control

You have even more control over user roles now. We’ve increased the capability of customizing event access restrictions. This includes being able to create a power user who does not have full administrative privileges.

12. Disabled auto tasks on lost bookings

This update helps clean up automated tasks for events marked as lost. When the event’s status is changed to lost, the automatic tasks will no longer appear.

13. Added support for multiple new currencies

We are expanding, and with that so are our currencies. We make sure to support everyone everywhere!

Get started now

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