13 Event Types to Host at Your Winery

Event at a winery

Unique spaces, beautiful views, and delicious wines make wineries and vineyards the perfect location for social and corporate events. By becoming a hot spot for fun promotional events at your winery or vineyard, you’ll introduce new customers and your community to your winery’s brand. We encourage you to think outside the box beyond wine production and distribution – consider hosting private events to bring in more wine-lovers.

Let’s delve into a range of events for wineries that will captivate new customers and foster a strong following of loyal customers for future private events.

1. Exclusive events

People love to feel like they are getting something unique and exclusive to them. If you have a wine club, host member-only tastings or exclusive discount rates to entice some new club members. Create an estate tour for local business owners or corporate event planners to encourage future opportunities. Provide some special event packages such as an exclusive, custom labeled bottle to take home.

2. Wine tastings

This type of promotional event should be in regular rotation at your winery either outdoors on your grounds or in a private area. Blind wine tastings offer a fun and educational twist where you can point out the nuances of flavor (either by variety or vintages) and really celebrate your wines. Make sure that wine tastings are part of your private event offerings as well. Sipping on a variety of wines is an experience your guests will love. 

3. Competitive and social activities

While common in the winery-world, these tried-and-true social activities do bring in the people. Think about running event types like these to bring in more people:

  • Craft nights like bottle painting or DIY cork boards
  • Scavenger hunts or mystery nights – great for team building!
  • Sit down games like trivia or bingo
  • Movies or outdoor games in your vineyard
  • Boozy yoga in your tasting room

4. Mixology or blending classes

Create educational event types using your wine varieties, or event wine-based spirits in order for your guests to create some new bottles or individual cocktails. Share about flavor profiles, provenance, distillation methods, and uses. Allow guests to customize their wine beverages by tasting and blending. 

A day-in-the-life of a winemaker 

Inniskillin Estate creatively brought in new customers for an event to remember at their winery! Inniskillin Wines is located at  Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario, Canada and leveraged the International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration: i4C to showcase their Chardonnay wines. The event team and the estate’s winemakers guided about 30 guests through several winemaking steps and instructions. In the Inniskillin Barrel Cellar, guests chose their desired type of oak, added sugar and acid, and finally bottled their unique Chardonnay. Guests loved the blending experience and had a customized bottle to take away. 

5. Live events and concerts 

Consider bringing in various musicians, comedians, or theatrical professionals to mix it up at your events! Indoors or outdoors, entertainment can enrich your guests’ experience at your winery. Live entertainment can be used both for promotional parties as well as booked private events like weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

6. Grape stomping

Also known as grape-treading, this (messy) fun activity involves barefoot participants trampling grapes. Besides providing your guests with an opportunity to bond, it also makes them feel part of the wine-making process. This is a wonderful team activity for corporate events.

7. Cooking classes

Interactive and chef-led classes always draw in people. Partner with local restaurants and professional chefs to create food that accentuates your wines. This is great to hold periodically as well as use for a team or family bonding private event.

8. Wine smelling workshops

Different from tasting, the smells of your wines can provide a new appreciation for wine and just simply a fun time! Have your guests rely on scents in order to identify wine varieties. You can incorporate it into tastings, mixology events, and more.

9. Give tours of vineyard and winery

Your property is such a large and glorious place to be! Use it to your advantage and create tours to let your guests explore. Walking tours are great for creating buzz but also for company outings and family events too.

10. Pairing party

There are so many things that pair so well with wine. Think about chocolate, desserts, apps, cheeses, or full-course meals! Center events around complimenting your products and create the whole experience around great food pairings.

11. Develop winemaking masterclasses

Use your expert winemakers to demonstrate the intricacies of wine making in a hands-on experience. Guests will love the inside-scoop to your amazing wine. Share finished bottles with your participants after aging. This will leave a lasting impression on your guests and encourage group bookings in the future. 

12. Host a photoshoot

Your gorgeous vineyard can be a great backdrop for photos and bring in new potential customers. Partner with a professional photographer to schedule family photos on site. Bundle in a small tasting or a take-home bottle and you might have some future customers!

13. Open house or expo

Host an open house for your community or hold a bridal expo, fashion show, or any business-partnered demonstration! This will allow new people to enjoy your winery and be enticed to book future events.

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