10 Things to Post on Social Media to Drive Business During the Coronavirus


Many restaurants across the United States have been ordered to operate on reduced hours and to offer takeout and delivery service instead of dining in to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

It’s more important than ever for restaurants to communicate directly with their customers, who are encouraged to stay home and aren’t stopping by their favorite venues or neighborhoods in person to find out what’s going on. The best way to reach these customers is through social media.

Here are a few examples of social media posts your restaurant should be sharing to help drive business during the Coronavirus.

1. A new header image

This header image on Harvard Gardens’ Facebook page says it all: They’re open, they’re offering takeout and delivery, and they have a phone number you can call. Change your header image to reflect what you’re offering right now. It’s like a billboard for your Facebook page that tells your customers exactly what they want to know.


2. Reminders for takeout, delivery, and other services

This post from Blackfinn Ameripub has everything their customers need to know about their offerings. It’s got their hours, phone number, links to delivery apps, notes about menu and cocktail availability, info about discounts for hospital employees and first responders, gift cards, and a tasty photo of bacon topped brussels sprouts. Don’t assume your customers have seen every post about your takeout and delivery — keep reminding them.


3. Your menu

Reduced services at your restaurant most likely mean a reduced menu. And some menus change a few times a week due to the ingredients available and other factors. Whiskey Cake’s restaurants have a lot of offers that change weekly, so they regularly update their Facebook followers with the current menu for prepared items, quarantine grocery kits, essential items, ready-to-heat family meals, cocktails, ready-to-make appetizers, and grocery items.


4. Lots of food photos

The best way to get your restaurant noticed on social media is with food photos. Let’s face it — most of us who are staying at home are indulging in comfort food and thinking about our next meal. Get inspired by this Instagram post of a Bostonia Public House burger and let your customers know that your delicious menu items are available for takeout and delivery.


5. Customer reviews

Blackbarn Restaurant in New York City is new to the delivery game, so they were happy to find an Instagram story from a customer who had a great experience. They reposted the story and shared their customer’s review.


6. Ways to help the restaurant industry

Customers have been reaching out to their favorite restaurants to ask what they can do to help. Deacon’s New South has been posting lists of how customers can support their staff, including purchasing gift cards, donating to relief funds, and eating local by ordering takeout or delivery.


7. Food and drink tips

Employees from The Standard Bistro & Larder are offering tips on cooking and cocktails on Facebook. This post talks about using jelly jars for drinking a Manhattan — the jelly jar lid makes it a portable cocktail for moving between rooms in your house.


8. Community outreach

Like hundreds of restaurants across the country, Zinc New Haven has been preparing meals for frontline workers. This post on Facebook shows 100 dinners ready to be delivered to New Haven Hospital.


9. Humor

We all need some laughs right now. Roberta’s Pizza posted this Instagram pic of 2 halves of a pizza performing social distancing.


10. Memes

Have you seen the Quarantine House meme? People have to choose what house they would stay at based on the food or Netflix shows or other things that would be available there. The Bindery did a version of this by listing a combination of their menu items for each house.


Get more tips and share yours

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