Why do the best venues use Tripleseat?

Our customers can tell you.


Events booked and managed with Tripleseat.

Juan Garcia

TEMPLE Entertainment Center

"Having everything all in one place, including a place where you could have a timeline has been really helpful. It makes it easier for me to communicate to the various departments within my company. What I love about it is that I can copy and paste and reuse old events pretty quickly to produce a proposal for clients when I need something similar to something we’ve already done. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I have all these little templates that I can use to sell again."

Melody Thomas

The McKittrick Hotel / Sleep No More

"We actually use Tripleseat across all our departments, whether it’s production and lighting, or it’s our carpenters, and our housekeeping, or our marketing team. Each department has an account and uses Tripleseat. As we put up tentative and definite events, being able to assign tasks to our lighting department, or to assign we need staff for this for our food and beverage departments, It’s really helpful."

Amira Gertz

Rosa Mexicana Restaurants

"Life before Tripleseat was rough. We worked with a catering software that was slow, that was not streamlined. It was arduous for my team. Bringing in Tripleseat really changed the entire dynamic and direction of our team nationwide. We were able to streamline our offerings, and work with more efficiency. I think that our team saves about 5 to 7 minutes per event transaction using Tripleseat. Last year we did 3,600 individual contracted events. Times 5 minutes an event, what we’re able to do is remarkable."

Shira Spiewak

Shira Spiewak Events

"I would not be able to do my job without Tripleseat. For me, I do everything remotely because I have so many different clients and I’m constantly in and out. So to see what’s happening in real time everywhere is huge for me. And then to be able to run reports on that. So I can see what the conversion rate is, what leads are coming in, if they’re being responded to or not, if someone hasn’t signed a document, why? I can see all of that remotely."

Marisa Colangelo

Zuma NYC

"I have really have learned to love and embrace Tripleseat and learn how to use it to work smarter and not harder. It really translates into my sales exponentially increasing. And that’s the bottom line of everybody’s day in this event world."

Tripleseat has disrupted the hospitality events industry

Over 10,000 venues are using Tripleseat including restaurants, hotels, go-karts (yup, go-karts), baseball stadiums, ping-pong venues, wedding venues, ships, karaoke venues, nightclubs and casinos. Tripleseat has 30,000+ event managers, chefs, general managers and owners using the application in 13 Countries!

Brian Rolfe

TAO Group

"Probably the biggest thing when you’re selling so many venues with so many rooms is having that calendar be very visually easy to work with. Just being able to see all the venues and all of the different events listed on the calendar, and being able to hover the mouse right over the calendar, and do the one-click quick view option to see the F&B, the date, the guest count and all the particulars, and being able to click to the BEO very quickly - that calendar function when managing multiple venues is incredible."