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Say goodbye to the stress of managing and booking private events and catering. Tripleseat’s cloud-based booking and lead management software is specifically designed for restaurants, and unique/special venues. Our platform streamlines your operations, boosts sales, and lightens your workload – all at the same time!

  • Boost new booking sales by over 30%
  • Increase incoming booking leads
  • Streamline the booking process for maximum efficiency
  • Generate professional proposals, BEOs, and contracts in minutes
  • Manage events with ease and track sales, leads, and guest information for one or multiple venues

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Drive more bookings

Accept private event leads from your website, social media accounts, and more. No more stacks of paper leads, and no more lost contacts that could have been revenue.

Provide exceptional service

Collect deposits, manage menus, and coordinate all internal and guest communications with real-time updates.

Keep your entire team on the same page

Private event and catering arrangements are subject to changes at any given moment. Tripleseat keeps track of every detail in one centralized location, accessible to your entire team. Any updates made are automatically reflected for the chef, manager, staff, and guests, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Accelerate your deposit and payment processing with lightning speed

Don’t let payment hassles hinder your cash flow or compromise your guests’ privacy. With Tripleseat, taking payments is hassle-free, fast, and secure.

  • Secure deposits accepted in advance
  • PCI-compliant credit card processing
  • Track offline payments
  • Automatic reminders and alerts for payments due
  • Online payment portal with industry-leading providers
  • QR codes to capture final event totals and facilitate online payments.

Elevate your guest communication game

Our customer planning portal grants your clients easy access to their BEO and other documents, proposal signing, and payment processing. This streamlined exchange of information ensures seamless collaboration for the success of every event.

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  • 15,000+ restaurants, hotels & unique venues
  • 8 MILLION events
  • More than $20 BILLION in event inquiries

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