Your Business Needs a CRM — Here’s Why


If your company has a growing customer base, you’ve probably heard the phrase CRM, or customer relationship management, being tossed around. Basically, a CRM is a type of software platform (like Tripleseat) that allows you to track interactions with current and potential future customers.

The result: you can communicate with them more efficiently. So, what exactly does it do, and how will it help your business continue to thrive? We’ve listed out some benefits that CRM software can provide for your company — particularly if you do private events.

1. It stores your data

From email chains to social media analytics, there are myriad places to gather customer data. With a CRM tool, you can keep all of that data in one easy-to-navigate place. According to Salesnet, this helps you better gauge customer history, simplify metrics across various outlets, and analyze it at different phases of the customer relationship. Plus, as CRMery points out, once your clients are in the dozens or so, it’ll be nearly impossible to track them all and their associated tasks and events by memory without a tool to help you out. Stay more organized and work more efficiently with the help of CRM software.

2. It organizes leads

It’s no secret that staying on top of leads is the lifeblood of growing your business. SuperOffice points out that CRM software allows you to register your leads and contacts, and categorize them by their interest level, size, and more. Plus, it gives you the tools to make customers feel like a relationship is forming between them and your company. Contrary to popular belief, a CRM system can actually help you improve client communication (with an added human touch) through faster response times, organized inquiries and messages, and customizable templates. It’s also helpful in the event that your prospects have multiple points of contact, adds Really Simple Systems.

3. It keeps your team in touch

When salespeople are out and about, they may not have time to update you on the status of certain clients or leads. Salesnet explains that CRM platforms allow team members to easily input data as well as easily access it, whether they’re in-office or remote, thanks to most CRM software having cloud-based operating systems. Some platforms even allow tasks and reminders to be delegated to team members. With this feature, team members will know what they need to get done and cross it off when they’re complete. CRM software helps managers be confident that no important info is falling through the cracks.

4. It will help boost sales

Naturally, the ultimate goal of using CRM software is to boost sales and grow your business. Maximizer points out that, through CRM software’s ability to organize prospects and consolidate data, you can acquire more leads, assign them to reps more quickly, direct salespeople to cross-selling or up-selling activities, identify new market opportunities, and more. By saving time on small details, like the back-and-forth of emails to clients, you can spend more time managing leads and selling. And your sales team can work towards manageable goals and create accurate forecasts that’ll keep your business moving forward.

Get ready to grow your leads and event revenue

If you’re a Tripleseat user, log in and start using our CRM features to track event leads, keep on top of interactions, and communicate with customers. Need help? Contact Tripleseat’s Support team by submitting a request online, sending an email, or calling our Help Desk at 978-716-2862 between 9 am and 5 pm EST Monday through Friday.

If you’re not a Tripleseat customer and you’re interested in learning more about Tripleseat’s features, schedule a demo at your convenience to take a closer look.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on the Gather blog and written by Caroline Cox.