New Release: Introducing the Public BEO


Today we rolled out out some new features and tweaks to Tripleseat.

The most notable new feature is the ability to make your BEOs publicly viewable to anyone and everyone through Tripleseat. How does it work? Create or edit a BEO and click on the “make publicly viewable checkbox” and save.

BEO details edit Public URL

Now, on the BEO details screen, you’ll be presented with a really long URL.

BEO details Public URL

You can paste this URL into an email or document and send it to anyone. Think customers or anyone else who doesn’t have a login to Tripleseat. Once they have the URL, they can click on it and they’ll see the most up-to-date version of the BEO right in Tripleseat – no login required! More importantly, no more unnecessary sending and re-sending BEO paperwork for revisions!

A few other features that have been added:

  • Added Booking Manager information to the BEO screen
  • Added Revision History to a BEO. Every time a BEO is updated, the revision history automatically incremented.
  • Added booking date, start time, and end time to BEO and Booking Data Downloads.