Tripleseat’s Advanced Reporting is Here!


Tripleseat Advanced Reporting

Introducing the first ever Business Intelligence reporting engine for the restaurant event industry! Now, Tripleseat customers can turn their sales and event data into decision-quality reports and management-ready visuals with Tripleseat’s latest business intelligence software.

Our innovative business intelligence reporting allows you to get deeper insights into your business. With Tripleseat Advanced Reporting Platform (TARP) reports, you can have a deeper insight and spot trends in your business and take actionable steps to measure and improve your event business.

Answer everyday sales questions automatically
Our library of pre-built sales reports pulls insights from your Tripleseat data — from day one. The reports you need to manage your pipeline, forecast more accurately, and tailor coaching to each rep’s performance are pre-built and ready to use. Your team can now have deep insights into the business and produce actionable insights. Here’s how TARP will improve your event business and sales results:

1. Rapid reporting
Spend less time building and updating static reports and spreadsheets.

2. Decision-quality data
Produce persuasive reports, analyses, and forecasts that leadership can trust.

3. Create a single source of truth
Share a single, accurate, and always up-to-date source of truth with your team.

4. Historical data analysis
Expose trends in your historical data, no snapshots required.

5. Better pipeline management
TARP reports can help identify patterns that lead to wins and allow you to start trusting the sales pipeline you’ve set up.

6. More accurate sales forecasts
Your team can quickly spot outliers and mitigate variability.

7. Conduct data-driven planning and analysis
Sales and event data helps you focus on what’s truly driving revenue and empower leadership to make more informed decisions.

8. Tailored coaching for staff
The insights you get from TARP will allow you to create a culture of accountability and increase bookings by your entire sales team.

TARP report categories
Our Tripleseat Advanced Reporting Platform takes reporting to a whole new level. TARP allows users to take a deep dive into your data and get actionable results that will help drive your business forward.

1. Event reporting

  • Event pace report
  • Event revenue report
  • Event billing report
  • Event billing changes report

2. Booking reporting

  • Booking annual pace report
  • Booking pace report
  • Booking revenue report
  • Booking productivity report
  • Lost bookings report

3. Sales reporting

  • Sales activity reports
  • Sales performance reports
  • Sales quota reports

And much, much more!

How to get access to TARP
If you are currently a Tripleseat customer, log in to your account and follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings
Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom right of the page and look for Tripleseat Advanced Features and click on it
Step 3: Click “add a subscription to add features”
Step 4: Navigate to Tripleseat Advanced Reporting Platform
Step 5: Find your venue and select advanced reporting
Step 6: Enter your payment information
Step 7: Select submit

Once you enter submit, go to the Reports page and on the top right of the reporting page, click the Advanced Reporting button and you are good to go!

If you have any questions on TARP or would like a demo please reach out to Marcus at