Tripleseat Wrapped: Your 2021 Tripleseat Year in Review


Another year has come and gone.  The cliche “where did the time go” seems to have been written as a direct response to 2021 —  this year flew.

And while it’s easy to look back and think this year wasn’t great, we challenge you to look back on the highlights of your year and focus on how to overcome the lows.

An obvious highlight of this year: Events are back! Tripleseat customers saw an increase of 77 percent in events booked in 2021 versus 2020. With COVID vaccine distribution and testing more readily available, guests are back to gathering with family and friends.

Whether they knew it or not, Tripleseat was accompanying your guests to these events: informing the event venue of the guests’ inquiry, adding their event to your calendar, sending the guest updates via discussion messages, creating documents, recording payments, and organizing it all in one neat guest portal for the guest to review at any time.

If you were actively using social media the first week of December, it’s possible you saw some Spotify Wrapped results in your feed. But if you’re not familiar, Spotify offers its users a customized recap of their music listening over the last year. In a similar spirit, we offer you Tripleseat Wrapped!

How to review your highest-earning events of 2021

To start, let’s take a look at your highest-earning events this year. Login to Tripleseat, and click on Reports on the left-hand navigation bar. Scroll down to the Event Details Report, and click Customize. Set the date range for Year to Date, and check off any event statuses, event styles, or owners you would like included in this report. Next, click on the Grouping & Sorting tab, and sort the data by Actual (actual sales), and have the order descend.

Optionally, click on the Columns tab and adjust the data you’d like displayed on this report. Next, click Run Report.

From this report, you can click on the names of the events to open the events up on a new tab. Go ahead and send a Discussion message thanking this customer for their business in 2021 so that you might see them again in 2022!

Click Customize again on this same report — heading back into the Grouping & Sorting Tab, adjust the Group By dropdown to Owner. Now click Update Report.

Voila! Now your events are still in order by the highest-earning, and you can see them organized by the event owner. This data easily tells you who on your team is deserving of an end-of-year thank you gift!

View your most-booked contacts

We’ve taken a look at your highest earning events and sales managers — now let’s look at your frequent fliers — otherwise known as persistent partiers! Head back into Reports and scroll down to the Most Booked Contacts Report and click YTD (year to date).  This report will show your most loyal customers — totaling all of their events and the total revenue they have generated this year.  Click on their contact name and send them an email gifting them a New Year’s meal, on the house!

Next, let’s take a look at the lead sources that were the most successful in 2021. Click back into Reports, scroll to the Lead Conversion Report, and click YTD. Once in the report, click Customize. In the Grouping & Sorting tab, group the data by Source.

Now you can compare how successful your marketing efforts were this year. This report shows you how many leads were received each day, and what percentage of the leads moved forward to a definite event, versus a non-definite event (prospect or tentative), versus a lost event. At the bottom of each Group, you will see totals, such as the total revenue generated by Instagram leads this year.

Using this data, you can now plan to increase your marketing efforts for the more successful sources in 2022.

Get to know Tripleseat’s Top 21 Features of 2021

Okay, enough about your successes, let’s talk about ours! We’re just kidding, of course, as our successes are our customers’ successes. When we improve our software, everybody wins.

Without further ado, we present you, Tripleseat’s Top 21 Features of 2021 — our greatest hits if you will.

Click on each to watch a short video or see screenshots to learn more about the release:

  1. Event Styles
  2. Inclusive Billing Details 
  3. Ability to Delete Tasks
  4. Copying Picklists
  5. Secondary Contact as a Merge Field
  6. Ability to format Discussions outside of email editor
  7. Hotel Room Block Improvements
  8. Autosave PDF signed documents
  9. Delivery Radius for Catering events
  10. Payment Reference field on a payment
  11. Filtering Calendar by Event Style
  12. Refund reasons added for Online Payment integration
  13. Merri Integration
  14. Discussion Bounce Back Message Improvements
  15. 24 Hour Clock
  16. EventUp Listing Preview
  17. TripleseatDirect on Venues/EventUp
  18. TripleseatDirect Gratuity Selector
  19. TripleseatDirect menus priced per person
  20. TripleseatDirect Speciality Availability
  21. TripleseatDirect Reporting

Get ready for 2022

We are excited to show you what we have in store for updates in 2022.  Be sure to subscribe to our Tripleseat University YouTube channel so you are first to know! Keep an eye out for our pop-up webinars in 2022, so that you are optimizing Tripleseat as best you can, and those reporting results will be even more impressive next year.