Tripleseat Upgrade: Report on Bookings, Revenue, Accounts, Leads and More


Rub-a-dub-dub, more updates in the tub! Today we released another highly requested feature: Reporting. Here’s the rundown…

Reports Tab

All of the new reports can be found under the Reports Tab.

Booking Report Options

Upon clicking on the Reports Tab, you’ll be presented with 6 base reports: Bookings, Booking Financials, Accounts and Contacts, Highest Booking Contacts, Leads, and Lead Conversions.

Each report has a few quick-start links to help you get into things quickly (last week, next week, last 6 months, etc.), but they all allow for customization through the use of the filtering and grouping options, sorting, and column selection found at the top of the page.

Please play around with the new reporting feature and let us know your thoughts: how we could improve it? is it missing a vital report? etc.

Booking Status Change History

In order to allow for a better papertrail for tracking the progress of bookings, we now have booking status change history, which you can see by looking at the booking’s detail page.

Also, in the new Booking Report on the Reports Tab, you will find a “definite” column that tells you when the booking changed to the definite status.

Questions, comments, or otherwise please contact technical support or submit a help ticket in the system!