Tripleseat Upgrade: New Financial Report (Pace Report), Accounts and Contacts Custom Fields, and More


Holy Moly! Another Tripleseat upgrade has been wrapped up. Details as follows…

Custom Fields for Accounts and Contacts

As requested several times, we’ve extended our custom fields to support accounts and contacts. Now you can keep track of custom information tied directly to an account or contact. These new custom fields can also be added to your reports or automatically inserted into to your BEO’s, contracts, and other documents via our merge field feature. To get started adding your own custom fields, go to Settings -> Custom Fields.

New Reporting Interface

We spent some time to update our reporting interface to make it much more organized and user friendly. Now, when you run a report, just click the “Customize Report” button and you will see all of the filtering, grouping, sorting, and column selections in a nicely organized window.


New High Level Financial Rollup Report (Pace Report)

Another feature that has been requested many times over. We previously offered a “Booking Details” and “Booking Financials” report. What we have done is merge those two into the “Booking Details” reports and Financial Report is now a new type of report.

The objective of this report is to offer a high level financial summary of your events, broken down by year, month, or quarter. You can also see a comparison of the current period vs last year or the previous period. You can use this report to see if you’re on pace with last quarter’s or last year’s event revenues.

Events for the Day added to the Booking Form

Now, when entering a new booking, after you’ve selected the location and date, you’ll see a handy little list of the bookings already booked for that location on that day in the right-hand sidebar. This offers a nice at-a-glance view of what’s going on that day so you don’t have to jump over to the calendar tab.

That’s all for this release – Questions, comments, or otherwise please contact technical support or submit a help ticket in the system!