For your reading pleasure this week I’ve included a bit of news, some tips and a little something to make you laugh. Here it is folks, this week’s hospitality roundup.

Staying ahead of the game

Photo credit: NextRestaurants

In the ever-changing world of hospitality, restaurants and event venues need to stay focused and ahead of the curve to garner success. This isn’t an easy feat by any means, which is why the turnover rate for restaurants is so high. But with that said, there are things you can do to stay in the game. This week, NextRestaurants has given us five great examples of ways you can “future proof” your venue. From keeping up with the latest technology to building an amazing client-based email list, these tips are not only helpful, they’re easy to accomplish.

Up, up, and away…

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Balloon art recently saw a surge in popularity as event decor. I’m not referring to balloon art made by a clown at a child’s birthday but rather the ornate, lifesize (and larger) balloon art statues and decorative arches. The amount of balloons used for just one of these sculptures is extreme and because of this a lot of event professionals have banned the use of them at their events. There are, however, some balloons that are more environmentally sustainable than others and there are also other ways besides using balloons to decorate a trendy affair. BizBash reported on the issue and gave us some great alternatives to work with.

Hilton is a girl’s best friend

Photo credit: ehotelier

Hotel giant Hilton was named the #1 Workplace for Women in the United States by Fortune this week. This award comes right after they were named the #1 Workplace for Parents. Among other impressive benefits, Hilton’s female employees receive a flexible working environment, adoption assistance, expanded parental benefits, and a partnership with Milk Stork. Read the full story on ehotelier.

Wear your vegetables

Photo credit: Eater

Halloween is right around the corner which means it’s time to start searching for a unique costume to wear while hosting your haunted events. Is there any better option for event and hospitality professionals than to dress up as this year’s biggest industry trend? You’ll be sure to impress your guests dressed as the Beyond Burger. I’m not joking folks, Eater showed us this costume along with other plant-based favorites in their recent article. Live it up this Halloween in a costume that looks good enough to eat.

Looking for more trends?

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