Can you believe it’s almost the end of September? I feel like just yesterday it was the 4th of July. Hospitality moves as fast, if not faster than summer does, so I know how difficult it can be to keep up with industry news and events. That’s why I spent a little time each day this week picking through industry updates and reports to give you the scoop, summarized for your reading pleasure.

Dorm room delicacies

Photo credit: Kitchen Nightmares/FOX

Eric Ripert, the world-renowned chef at Tripleseat customer Le Bernardin, is no stranger to the camera. I’m aging myself here, but almost a decade ago, Eric was the face of PBS’ Avec Eric. In that show, he traveled the world in search of foreign cooking inspiration and then taught viewers how they could incorporate these exotic delicacies into their everyday cooking regimen. Well, he’s back, if only for a few minutes, on late-night TV with Jimmy Fallon, teaching college students how to turn their exotic delicacies into edible meals. Make sure to check out the full video on YouTube.  Whether it turns your stomach or leaves you yearning for your collegiate microwaved Easy Mac days, it’ll definitely make you laugh.

I heart personalized experiences

Photo credit: iHeartRadio, Hospitality Technology

Hospitality Technology reported this week that Hilton has announced an integration with iHeartRadio. The new union will allow Hilton hotel guests to stream live radio stations, playlists and podcasts directly from their room’s TV without paying for an iHeart membership. This is just one more way Hilton, among other hotel groups, are listening to their customers and providing a more personalized travel experience.

Putting sustainability first

Photo credit: Skift

The events industry can wreak havoc on the environment. From small corporate meetings to weddings, and large scale trade shows, each type of event has its own impact. According to Skift, hospitality companies are starting to prioritize sustainability at all levels. This is happening not only because they are losing environmentally focused clients but also because climate change affects their businesses as well. Weather can ruin an event or worse a venue and event planners are taking notice. Expect to see a rise in the number of sustainable practices in 2020.

Borrowing from the runway

Photo credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for IMG

We may not think of New York Fashion Week as something that pertains to the hospitality industry. Unless, of course, your venue is in NYC and you reap the benefits of hosting a runway show or after-party. But there is something we can all take away from this glamorous week besides what outfits you’ll soon be coveting. That thing is how big brands and sponsors keep guests happy and engaged. Bizbash reported on this bit of information this week and I think the takeaway will light a fire under hospitality marketers and event professionals alike. From the backdrops, creative installations, and unique swag we’re all guaranteed some seriously swoon-worthy inspiration.

Looking for more trends?

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