From trying to take a holiday to the best ways to make money from a holiday. On to ways you can keep healthy while having fun through it all. This week in hospitality provided us with intelligent marketing strategies and a useful mix of trends and tips. Enjoy!

Time-off trouble

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It’s a fact that most hospitality workers are paid a small hourly rate and rely mainly on tips as their income. Furthermore, there are event specific professionals who rely heavily on being present to ensure they receive their percentage of events booked. When your pay weighs heavily on how often you’re at work, taking a vacation or sick leave can be extremely difficult. Add to that the fact that many venues depend on the shift workers themselves to cover their own absences, and you’re left with what seems like a helpless situation, especially when leave is absolutely necessary. Eater gave us an interesting look into the unreasonable lengths that hospitality industry workers have to go through in order to take time off.

Healthful experiences

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Health and wellness are still current hot topics, which means they’re also still relevant when speaking about event trends. Hosting or planning an event that would benefit from and enjoy the addition of a health-driven experience? Check out this article from BizBash that highlights 12 examples of event rentals that reinforce health and wellness values.

Capitalize on cyber sales

Cyber Monday has proved itself as a huge opportunity for hotels to drive bookings. What began as one day of discounted shopping has recently turned into weeks of sales beginning well before Thanksgiving, with some lasting the entire month of November. With this influx of holiday shopping days also came a change in the way hotels (and restaurants for that matter) market themselves to attract buyers looking for a deal. Campaigns should last longer and discounts need to be deeper to start. Hotelier wrote a great article this past week taking us back to the basics of promoting hotels and other venues during Cyber Monday-esque holidays. There are a ton of great ideas listed, just in time for the mayhem of online holiday shopping.

Get social

Photo Credit: NextRestaurants

With the still-rising popularity of social media marketing, it can be tough to effectively promote your venue or events business on every outlet. This is especially true if you’re a one (wo)man shop. How can you be expected to book, plan, and execute flawless events all while also marketing your business on social media? It’s a tough gig but it’s not impossible. And let’s be honest, most event professionals have serious drive and organizational skills. You may just need a little help along the way. Check out this very useful article from NextRestaurants that gives you six quick and easy tips to make the most out of your brand’s Twitter account.

Looking for more trends?

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