TARP Report Spotlight: Event Billing Changes


Tripleseat’s Advanced Reporting Platform, otherwise known as TARP, is a business intelligence tool that will take your reporting to the next level. TARP reports allow you to take a deep dive into your data and get actionable results that will help drive your business forward.

A TARP subscription gives users access to 20+ single-click reports on the event, booking, and sales level. Let’s look at an example to highlight one specific TARP report and its benefits to your business — Event Billing Changes.

The Event Billing Changes report is an especially useful report to see the exact changes that are made to an event. In basic Tripleseat reporting, you are able to see that one of the account’s users went into the event called Birthday, and made an update to the event documents on a specific day. The value or category of the changes he made though is not shown.

If you access the Event Billing Changes report in TARP, it shows that user Ben Faden went into the event Birthday on Dec. 2, 2019, to make a $500 increase in the Audio Visual category, a $1,694 increase in the Food category, and a $75 increase in the Staff category, among other changes on other days leading up to the event. The exact changes are laid out in the Change Details chart, along with the changes he made for other events during the selected reporting period.

If someone else on the team was confused as to why the event cost increased by the values it did, the Event Billing Changes report is able to show the user’s exact actions that altered the event cost and understand why the increases occurred.

Similarly, the Event Billing Changes report will also show changes to a decrease in any billing category. By looking at the Changes by Owner chart, you can see that Mayra Alosco decreased the food cost for her event by $108.

The Event Billing Changes report allows a user to filter event changes by location, billing categories, user, activity start date and activity end date. In the example above, the search had been filtered to only show the changes made during the time of Dec. 1, 2019, to Jan. 31, 2020, and only for users Ben Faden, Mayra Alosco, and Tiffany Ma. Ben’s change history for the reporting period happened to include a few billing categories (Audio Visual, Food, and Staff), but other billing categories could also show changes in Activities, Delivery Fee, Set-Up and more. Event Billing Changes can be exported into Excel or PDF formats as well in order to use the reports wherever your business needs.

Get actionable results with TARP

The Event Billing Changes report is only one of the 20+ single-click reports that TARP has to offer. To learn more about TARP and the other useful reports available, please click here to schedule a web demo or reach out to Marcus Craigwell at marcus@tripleseat.com with any questions.