Table-loids: The 2018 Eater Awards, Slow Season Money Maker, CBD for All and More Industry News You Should Know


Welcome to this week’s edition of Table-loids. I’ve got a little bit of everything for you this time around. Some serious business information, a few accolades, a little gift to take the edge off, and of course something delicious. Enjoy!

1. Congratulations are in order …
The 2018 Eater Award winners were 
released last week and we were pleased and excited to see some faithful Tripleseat customers on the list of greats. The best bar in Denver award went to The Family Jones Spirit House, not only known for mixing delicious cocktails but for distilling their own liquors to mix with. In Austin, the most beautiful restaurant of the year was awarded to She’s Not Here, a Pacific Asian cocktail bar and restaurant with a 1920s Art Deco design vibe that will leave any interior design enthusiast swooning. LA’s sensation of the year went to the newest addition to the Momofuku empire, Majordomo. In New Orleans, a new French Brasserie, Couvant — located in an old Peychaud’s bitters factory — won the most gorgeous restaurant of the year award.  And last, but certainly not least, Philly’s restaurant empire builders of the year honors went to Michael Schulman and Nina Tinari of the very successful Schulson Collective restaurant group. Congratulations to our customers and to all of the 2018 winners!

2. Staffing up for the holiday season and beyond
According to 
Restaurant Business Online, the restaurant staffing pool is at an all-time low. Labor news reported that restaurants will have to fork over, on average, 33% more for temporary help if they hope to staff-up for the holiday season. So what can you do? Instead of cursing the hospitality gods and hiding under your desk, check out these 10 staffing ideas from Restaurant Business Online to get you through the season. Some of my favorites include the incentive of free food to your employees and offering moms-to-be scaled down schedules, as well as maternity leave when their bundle of joy arrives.

3. Get those alumni groups!
Once the holiday rush subsides, everyone needs a bright idea to spark more business. If you happen to be a restaurant or bar that has an abundance of TVs, 
this idea from Sports Bar Marketing online might be your key to surviving the slow season: Alumni groups! Love them or hate them, they exist and they’re willing to spend money. According to this article, your first step should be connecting with these groups. Whether through social media or by stalking college websites to find alumni group contact information, there’s bound to be a group of graduates in your city even if the college is hundreds of miles away. You can also plan viewing parties for certain colleges to draw in alumni. Go the extra mile and order linens to match their colors or offer college-themed giveaways. You can go even further and find out what the college’s favorite regional munchie is and have your kitchen run a special for it during games. Just make sure the audio in your venue is up to par. There’s one thing college sports fans won’t tolerate and that’s a game without sound. Once you have all of these tools you’re bound to catch the attention of at least one alumni association and they’ll be spending their money at your establishment for seasons to come.

4. Have a drink and relax
According to Eat Sip Trip, we’ll be seeing an abundance of cocktails laced with marijuana in 2019, well at least in the 10 states where recreational marijuana is legal. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about the psychoactive compound of marijuana known as THC. That’s the stuff that makes you lose your mind. We’re talking about the component of pot known to ease anxiety and stiff muscles, we’re talking CBD. If you live in one of these 10 states, you’ve probably seen something in a local store containing CBD. I was in Whole Foods the other day and they were pushing CBD body lotion. It’s everywhere so why not drink it?

5. Is that fried chicken I smell?
Last on my list of items this week is something fun to help get you into the holiday-fried-chicken-eating spirit. I’m sure you’re asking yourself what the heck is she talking about? I’m talking about those tantalizing 11 herbs and spices associated with KFC fried chicken. Now you can enjoy that scent from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, KFC has released special edition fire-logs that when lit smell like none other than your favorite fried chicken. Forget the cinnamon sticks and cloves this Christmas, I’ll be serving up the scent of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Happy holidays!

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