Table-loids: Our New Weekly Roundup of Industry Trends


Welcome to Table-loids, our new industry roundup. Each week, I’ll choose five of the top trends, ideas, and news stories that hit the restaurant world. 

My hope with this column is to keep Tripleseat customers and event industry professionals in the loop and to give them tips and information they can use to improve their events business.

1. Cheers to Chinola
Let’s start with a drink, because frankly, I could use one. Have you heard of Chinola? It’s the newest trend in bartending and it’s super-satisfying and full of passion — passion fruit that is. According to global market research firm Mintel’s 2018 U.S. Flavor Trends report, passion fruit saw a 15 percent increase on menus across the United States between 2015 and 2017, and it’s not slowing down. Chinola, which is produced in the small Dominican Republic town of Majagual, is a fun and easy way to incorporate the sweet berry onto your menu. For an easy, balanced recipe, simply mix Chinola in a 50-50 blend with your favorite Mezcal. What you’ll get is a smooth, smokey, and deliciously sweet drink that will have your customers begging for more.

2. Tripleseat customers on Netflix
Next let’s talk TV, because drinking goes really well with a quality cooking show. gave us A Complete Guide to Netflix’s “Chef’s Table, and we were psyched to see some Tripleseat customers on the list! If you haven’t watched “Chef’s Table” yet, what are you waiting for? I assume, some free time. I promise this show is worth consuming during the hour you get at night to watch TV. It’s cinematic, beautifully produced and it gives you a glimpse into the lives of some of the world’s most amazing chefs. The only thing better than watching this show would be actually eating their food. Specifically check out episodes that follow fellow Tripleseat customers like Nancy Silverston of B&B Hospitality Group, and Christina Tosi, who has a bakery affiliated with Momofuku Restaurant Group. I dare you not to binge eat … I mean watch.

3. Changes for the James Beard Awards
Speaking of amazing chefs from around the globe, the James Beard Foundation is working to diversify its awards. According to the New York Times, the organization is fighting back against critics who say the awards have counteracted the inequality of gender and race in the restaurant industry. The changes were announced last Tuesday and will take effect in time for the next round of nominations, which start this month and end with the Oscar-like award ceremony in May. Most noteworthy is a change to make the governing committee that selects the nominees as diverse as the US population. The foundation has been making strides prior to these changes as well — starting with a nod to the #MeToo movement last May when 11 out of the 15 chefs it recognized were women, people of color, or both. We truly hope that the James Beard Foundation can continue to embrace change and that these changes will help facilitate a larger movement of equality in the hospitality industry.

4. Austin eateries aim for zero-waste
On the environmental side of things and on the heels of the no straw movement, our friends in the Austin food scene have made big strides towards a cleaner planet. Starting last week all Austin restaurants, markets, and other venues where prepared food is sold are prohibited by law to throw away any food scraps. Instead, the businesses are required to dispose of food scraps in other ways such as donating usable scraps to a food bank or sharing scraps with farmers for compost. Also included in the law are paper towels and napkins, dirty paper, cardboard, and food containers, as well as flowers and landscape trimmings. The enactment is part of Austin’s Universal Recycling Ordinance, which in time will make the city a zero-waste zone. High five to Austin! We hope that other cities will take notice and jump on the zero-waste bandwagon.

5. Beef recall
My last item on the list is more of a tip: maybe don’t eat ground beef this week. The United States Department of Agriculture announced last week that JBS Tolleson, Inc. is recalling roughly 6.5 million pounds of ground beef due to salmonella concerns. The scare, so far, has been linked to 57 illnesses in 16 states. So when you’re grabbing a burger with your friends this week, stick with turkey or veggie options. Your stomach will thank me.

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