SmartDoc Release: Create Banquet Event Orders, Invoices, Proposals, and More


Awesome! Our new killer feature, SmartDocs, is being released into the wild. Watch out!

Now you can create any document you want online without leaving Tripleseat. Need to create a BEO? No problem, with one click, BAM you are done. Need to send a Proposal, one click–BAM–done.

What? You want it to look like your old proposals and menus? No worries, set it up to like anyway you want. Is your chef picky on how he likes to see the food orders. Again, not a problem, you have total control.

Once you have created created a great looking document, how can you get the content on there? You have the ability to merge any fields from your Booking, Contacts or Accounts. Never waste time typing or cutting and pasting. Oh Yeah!

“My SmartDocs are awesome – I want to show the world!” Communicate your SmartDocs on the web via a PDF or web page

Here are some videos to get you thinking. (sidebar to see the video in all it’s glory click the little TV icon located in the video on the bottom right)

The first one is how to create a Form (the building block of a view)

Here is the second Video How to Create a View

Tie It All Together with SmartDoc