Q1 2022 Tripleseat Feature Releases


We are a little over two weeks into spring, and it’s wonderful to see people coming out of their winter hibernation and planning more events for the warmer months. Today we wanted to give you a quick recap of some of the features released in the first quarter of 2022 that will hopefully improve your Tripleseat experience.

We have a couple of updates to our product as well as enhancements to our TripleseatDirect add-on feature.

Secondary account merge field

Another quick update is the addition of a merge field for Secondary Account or the account associated with the secondary contact listed on an event or booking. When you are working in text areas such as documents, email, or content templates, you’ll be able to use this new field. The Secondary Account merge field has the same options as the primary account, as shown below. This field can also be added to the Event Details and Booking Details Report. 

Backdating tasks

This update will allow you to choose a date when a task was completed. Up until now, when a task was marked as completed, you were unable to change the date of completion. When a task is completed, you can indicate any date you would like in the date field. The selected date will appear on the tasks tab and the Task Report. You can still instantly mark a task as completed, but this should help keep a more accurate task history.

TripleseatDirect Updates

For customers using our 24/7 event and catering add-on TripleseatDirect, read on to learn about some great new features. If you are not familiar with TripleseatDirect yet, head to our website to learn more about TripleseatDirect.


Now, you can see detailed TripleseatDirect event information in new specific reports. These reports are similar to the existing Event Details Report, but they will report on TripleseatDirect events only. The standard Event Details Report will still show data for all events across a site, but if you are doing a lot of business with TripleseatDirect, these reports will be beneficial. There are three new reports for TripleseatDirect: Details Report, Submissions Report, and Menu Items & Menu Package Report. 

The first report will show you detailed event information by date submitted, conversion status, event style, and more. You can take a look at how many submissions were made during a certain time period or look at how profitable your business is by day of the week or event style. If your manager would like to see events submitted year-to-date, you can group them by event style and a specific date range with subtotals for each event style. Once you run a report, you can save it to return to or export it to Microsoft Excel if you need to share it internally. 

Here is a screenshot of how one of the reports will look in Tripleseat.

The Submissions Report will show detailed information regarding how many inquiries were submitted, accepted, rejected, or expired for each day. There are a number of default columns, but you can add optional columns depending on what you’re looking to see. For instance, you can add the Abandoned column to see how many customers started filling out a form but canceled instead of submitting it.

The third new report you have access to is the Menu Items & Menu Package report. This report is helpful to see the most popular-selling dishes at your venue and prepare for upcoming events. You can set an upcoming date range and group by date or menu item/package name to determine how much you need to prep for a specific menu item.

As a reminder, access to running reports is set by user roles so admins will need to confirm in settings to make sure the appropriate people have access as needed. 

Check out this Tripleseat University video for more information about TripleseatDirect reporting:

TripleseatDirect agreement layout

We have added a new Agreement layout to the TripleseatDirect Template. This document will contain the terms and conditions that a guest agrees to when they submit a TripleseatDirect form. When reviewing a TripleseatDirect request, you will now see this agreement layout on the Docs tab. This new layout will have a date and timestamp from when the guest approved the form. 

There is now a section within the event document template for terms & Conditions; however, that section cannot be edited to ensure it stays the same as the initial agreement. Also, the guest will now receive a live document link to the agreement in their email when a TripleseatDirect event is accepted.

Tripleseat resources

If you have any questions about these or any other Tripleseat features, contact our amazing support team by clicking the Help/Question button at the top, right-hand corner of your Tripleseat page. From there, you’ll be able to enter a support ticket, chat in real-time with a support team member, and find links to training resources like Tripleseat University, FAQs, Product Updates and our Knowledge Base.