Marketing Your Restaurant or Event Venue: The Benefits of Event Managment Software



Offering space rentals and event management services improves your revenue stream, but it can also come at the cost of major headaches and a big time investment.  Trying to merge the daily operations of a restaurant with special event planning is a recipe for disaster, unless you have the skills and tools needed to make it a streamlined, smooth process.

What Goes into an Event?

Even small events require careful attention to detail.  The space must be reserved, tables placed according to the client layout, food for the menu created and served, any entertainment coordinated, and much more.  When you are trying to keep track of all of these details, it is easy to have things slip through the cracks.  A late linen order may not seem like a big deal, but tablecloths in the wrong color can be very distressing for clients.  The last thing a bride wants are linens that clash with her decorating scheme.

Get a Handle on the Details with Event Management Software

Here at Tripleseat, we understand the stress of event management and all the details that go into providing flawless event after flawless event.  Our event management software handles all the details for you, so you can focus on the important task of booking rentals.  Our software even helps with the process of lead generation, helping keep your event spaced booked every day.  An empty space is nothing but an expense, you need to be generating regular bookings to justify dedicating a space to special event rental.  Our comprehensive event management software helps you do just that.

Features to Look For

Our software combines all the administrative tasks involved in event planning into one simple place.  From client/event tracking to communication notes, everything is at your fingertips.  The Software as a Service structure of our cloud-based program means anyone, at any time, can login and check the status on any scheduled event.  The easy to use interface lets you see at a glance the upcoming schedule and event details for each.  Using our software helps you avoid mistakes, giving clients the perfect event they expect, each and every time.  Shared calendars let the entire staff stay up-to-date.  Easy report generation allows you to monitor your busy and slow times of year to look for areas of improvement.  Event management software helps you improve revenue, retain clients and get great customer testimonials, when everything runs smoothly and easily..