Private Dining Saving The Restaurant Industry?


I have been blogging and speaking about Private Dining for what seems like forever and I am finally seeing restaurant owners and operators starting to treat this business, well, like a business.

As the economy continues its roller coaster ride and restaurants grab for any straw they can, it is is the private dining business that continues to out perform many expectations.

Even though private dining continues to be strong, gone are the days of “acceptable” loses that come from lost leads, slow response times to inquires, and a reactive sales process.

Operators are starting to look at the private dining business as a way to save their business during this turbulent time. They are investing in dedicated sales people to drive revenue and take a proactive role in getting new and repeat business and investing in sales technology that will enable the sales people to capture more leads, and spend more time selling.

Ad hoc paper systems and hacked together technology systems to run the private dining business are becoming a thing of the past. My company alone has seen an increase of over 500% (that right 500%) in sales over the last few months for our sales and event management software. This increase is no coincidence as more and more operators consult with us as to how private dining can save their business. (hint: if you want some tips just see some of my earlier blogs on how to generate business for your private dining business)

Private dining is starting to step out of the shadows are you prepared to capture your share of this very profitable business?