Preparing for the New


The new Tripleseat website and upgrades are almost here. With this upgrade, you will now have complete control over the content and pictures of your Tripleseat listing (formerly You may be asking – What can I do to prepare for the upcoming release?

Here are the top 5 items to have ready:

  • Pictures – You can now upload pictures of your restaurant, venue, food, people, dining rooms and meeting rooms. Put your best foot forward with great photos of your business. Adding pictures is super easy… so get them ready!
  • Description of your venue – Get your content in order so you can add it to your listing. Create or cut and paste a description of your restaurant and tell the world why you’re great.
  • Names for your spaces – Give names to your spaces (example: Terrace Room) and have a description of the spaces (Example: beautiful room overlooking the spring gardens).
  • Capacity numbers – Figure out what the minimum and maximum number of people each of your rooms can hold.
  • Address and emails – Make sure your address, email and phone number is up-to-date in Tripleseat. To check, go to Settings, then Locations, and select Edit Location to make changes.

Once we release we will send you an email with instructions on how to add these items to your listing. As always if you have any questions just click on the Feedback/Help link next to the settings link on the top right of every page in Tripleseat.

Thanks for using Tripleseat!