Popular Cities on PrivateDining.in


Yesterday we announced the launch of PrivateDining.in, our site to help event planners, corporate meeting planners, and people of all types find great venues for their events.

While our data is not completely filled in yet, rest assured we’re working hard on the problem. We stand next to our goal of being “The most comprehensive private dining directory on the web.” It will take a while to get up to speed, but even in its infancy, PrivateDining.in is a great resource. Check out these great examples of cities that have a wide assortment of highlighted venues:

  • Private dining in Omaha
  • Private dining in New York
  • Private dining in Boston
  • Private dining in New Orleans
  • Private dining in Minneapolis
  • Private dining in Washington, DC

There’s many others that have great data, and soon we’ll have better coverage of the entire country. Stay tuned for more info!