Not enough time? Overwhelmed with your Private Dining Business?


Here are 5 Tips to Get Organized and Save Your Sanity with Tripleseat

The world of private dining can be fast and furious. It’s easy to feel the sand slipping through the hourglass as our minutes fly by, taking our sanity with them. Here are five tips to help us stay organized and keep our cool during even the most overwhelming months of the busiest season for special events.

Nothing beats web based calendars

They are indispensible in today’s fast-pace world. Having access to your calendar of events on line will open the lines of communication and enable everyone to know what is going on without having to go to you for all the answers.

Keep all relevant contact information handy

Like the master on line calendar, contact details should be accessible in a database that can be searched. Nothing can make you lose your sanity faster than desperately needing a number that cannot be located.

Maintain lists of to dos and tasks, then, check off the tasks as each is completed

This will help you stay on a steady track by keeping you constantly aware of the things that need to be done. It will also help you to feel good about the things you’ve accomplished. In the fast paced day of client bookings and event orders, it’s good to know that if we’re removed from a task before it is completed, it’s easy enough to find where we left off.

Know your Team

Knowing your team members’ individual strengths and skills can be the difference between a stress-free, super successful season, or a fresh round of ulcers and sleep disorders. It’s a good idea to make a list of your staff, alongside their individual merits. When booking a special event, you can refer to your list and make a proper selection.

Don’t Multitask

Try not to multi task when it comes to detailing an event. Each special event is a separate booking. Even if there are overlapping ideas, there should never be overlapping event details. If you find yourself needing to work on several bookings at once for some reason, make sure to keep everything organized. Confusing yourself on any of the details is a recipe for a less than spectacular special event.

Teaching ourselves to stay organized throughout our workday might take time, but it is well worth every minute. The moments will return to us tenfold in the future.  We can never plan for everything, but keeping organized will help us feel as though we have conquered the unexpected regardless