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New Venue Directory Feature: Add Blog Posts to Your Listing


Nov 19, 2019

Nicole Catatao

Nov 19, 2019

New Venue Directory Feature: Add Blog Posts to Your Listing


You may have noticed that our venue directory, VENUES by Tripleseat, just went through a major redesign. We’ve got all of the VENUES updates here, but let’s talk about the biggest changes: Tripleseat customers can write and add blog posts to their listing.

Being able to write your own blog posts and feature them on your listing not only gives you space to further provide relevant event information about your venues and events for potential customers to learn about you and ultimately fall in love with your space, but it also creates unlimited space for unique content and keywords for Google to be able to crawl and ultimately rank your venues higher on search results.

Now that you know why you should be writing blogs about your venue on the TS venue directory, you’re probably wondering “Where do I set this up?”

Within the Tripleseat dashboard, left menu column, scroll down to settings. Under the header Leads & Public Listings, click Public Listings. Select Edit on the venue location that you would like to write a blog post for.

On the venue listing page, you have two tab options: Listing and Blog. The Blog tab may say Beta which is OK, as this is a new feature it’s still in beta mode but it’s fully functional.

Go to the Blog tab to add a post. Each blog post will need a title and content details that you have the ability to style with bold, italics, lists and even include links. Free-hand type your content or copy and paste from an outside source such as Microsoft Word or Notes. Hit Save on the post, then back on the Listing tab, click Update at the bottom. Your blog is now live on your listing.

On your listing view, you can view the blog towards the bottom of the page under the headline Venue Updates.
While this feature is still in beta, an image will be attached to your blog for you. As we build out this feature, the image options will be expanded.

Get more out of your VENUES by Tripleseat listing

We will be blogging more about how you can utilize this new blog feature to maximize your marketing efforts so stay tuned for follow-up best practices in the coming weeks, but there is no better time to start than now. Optimize your VENUES listing using our guide, How to Create an Optimized Venue Listing, and while you’re at it, write your first blog!