New Releases Fireside Chat: April 2020


We hosted our second Fireside Chat from home this month, and only had one streaming issue. We’re still adapting to our new normal as restaurants do the same. Thank you to all of you who joined in. If you missed the live feed, don’t worry. I’ll link to it below. But first, let’s chat about those new releases from April.

Event documents now autosave

Now when you are editing your event documents, Tripleseat will automatically save the work you’ve done if you’ve been idle for 60 seconds. We know that event managers are constantly getting pulled in different directions away from their laptop; this update will help save their hard work if they have to leave their computer to take care of something else.

Lead type update

Now when you go to create a new lead, you have the ability to check off the lead type. There are three lead types in Tripleseat: Dine in-house (default), Delivery, and Pickup. When a user selects Delivery as the lead type, delivery options populate. These fields include all of the address information, any delivery instructions, as well as delivery date and time. These options were already available on the external lead form that your client fills out,  we expanded it to when users are creating a lead directly in the product. 

On the lead page, you’ll see the lead type listed in the third column.

This new feature is especially helpful now that a lot of our customers, while still focusing on pickup and delivery services, are now also starting to book future events. Just one more way to keep all of your leads organized.

Tripleseat Booking Network

As I’m sure most of you already know, as a Tripleseat customer your venue has access to listings on two great online booking networks, VENUES and EventUp. Before this update, VENUES listings were only on the VENUES site, not on the EventUp site, and vice versa. But now all VENUES listings are also listed on EventUp. It’s important to make sure your listings have up to date information, and all of the content you want to highlight. You can manage your listings in Tripleseat by going to Settings>VENUES by Tripleseat. The edits you make here will update both the VENUES by Tripleseat and the EventUp listings. This is just one more way Tripleseat helps drive leads to your business.

Watch our fireside chat about these April releases below.

Tripleseat resources

If you have any questions about these or any other Tripleseat features, contact our amazing support team by clicking the Help/Question button at the top, right-hand corner of your Tripleseat page. From there you’ll be able to enter a support ticket, chat in real-time with a support team member, and find links to training resources like Tripleseat University, FAQs, and our Knowledge Base.