New Feature on Product Tour


Recently we added a new feature to the website – the Product Tour. This slideshow of screenshots, walks you through the major features of the Tripleseat application, and describes in plain English just what the software does, and how it can benefit your private dining, banquet and catering business.

Booking Calendar – Schedule, maintain and manage bookings with ease.

  • Calendar view for quickly viewing events at a glance by month, week, day or by room.
  • Easily report on upcoming events for planning or forecasting.
  • Avoid conflicting events with color coded statuses.

Contact and Account Management – Simple CRM to help restaurants keep track of key contacts

  • Convert leads directly into accounts and contacts.
  • Easily export contacts for use in outbound marketing campaigns.
  • Run reports to see which accounts and contacts have brought the most business.
  • Easily search contacts and accounts to see a complete history of events.

Document Generation – Generate, store and share contracts, proposals, menus and more.

  • Infinitely flexible document templating system allows for creating all types of documents.
  • Track financial data such as invoices, payments and more.
  • Generate custom menus specific to each event that is planned.
  • Easily share each document as a web link, or as a PDF file.

Lead Generation – Drive traffic, capture leads, and convert leads to events.

  • is a public-facing site featuring the best restaurants offering private dining in the country.
  • Rich analytics and click-through data provided to restaurants for accountability.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of pages to drive relevant leads.
  • Optional lead capturing form for restaurants to place on their own websites.