March 2022 Marketing Ideas for the Hospitality Industry


The month of March brings a wide variety of marketing ideas for the hospitality industry. We have a couple of formal holidays this month that often become the themes of many parties. These holidays are Mardi Gras on March 1 and St. Patrick’s Day on March 17. Interested prospects have either sent or are planning inquiries about booking event spaces or off-site catering orders to celebrate. Restaurants often offer specials on these holidays regardless. If you are an Irish restaurant or pub, then St. Patrick’s Day is especially your time to shine!

March is also the month for a very important holiday in the workplace with #NationalEmployeeAppreciationDay on March 4. After the past two years that the hospitality industry has endured, it is more important than ever to show appreciation to the staff that has gotten your establishment through these times. Set up fun decor, give small gifts, get a fancy cake, or host an appreciation event to show your appreciation to your employees.

Another notable holiday to celebrate in the month of March is #InternationalWomensDay on March 8. This holiday celebrates the historical, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world. It could be a special day to add a themed item to your menu or to at least acknowledge on social media.

Finally, there are many fun food and drink holidays this month as well. In terms of desserts, we have #NationalBananaCreamPieDay on March 2, #NationalOreoCookieDay on March 6, #NationalCoconutTorteDay on March 13, #NationalBlackForestCakeDay on March 28, and #NationalLemonChiffonCakeDay on March 29. What a great month for your pastry chef!

A few fun food holidays include #NationalMeatballDay on March 9, #NationalBakedScallopsDay on March 12, and #NationalChipsAndDipDay on March 23. When it comes to beverages, #NationalCocktailDay is on March 24, which is a great time to talk all about your incredible cocktail program.

Be sure to tag @tripleseat on social media so that we can see all the ways you use the holiday hashtags. Check out the full list below and happy celebrating!

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