Let Tripleseat Help You Create Memories for Your Customers


We’re all sick of hearing it, and we’re all sick of saying it. But, for this blog post, I’ll say it one more time: 2020 was tough. It was tough for so many reasons that don’t need explanation, and it was especially tough on the industry we love, the hospitality industry. Businesses closed for good, millions lost their jobs, and the world stopped going out to eat and gathering with family and friends. Instead, we ordered takeout or stopped enjoying restaurants altogether.

The thing that I missed the most in 2020 were live face-to-face connections — the family dinners, birthday parties, weddings, nights out with friends, and even in-person corporate meetings. We replaced birthday parties with driveby parades, weddings with livestreaming links, and office meetings with Zoom invites. I missed making memories in person, and I know I’m not alone.

It’s 2021 now, and soon it will be 2022. Things are not entirely back to the normal we knew before 2020, and honestly, they may never be exactly the same. But one thing is back, and that’s making memories with family and friends live and in person.  This is where you and your business come into play.

As a hospitality professional, it’s your job to help create everlasting memories for your customers. For many of you, that means hosting private events inside the four walls of your venue, and for others, it means full-service and takeout catering. Whichever bracket you fall into, many moving pieces and time-consuming tasks are necessary to do the job right. This is where Tripleseat’s products and features can help.

As I mentioned before, it’s certainly not business as usual just yet. There’s a good chance your staff hasn’t been fully rehired yet, and you’re trying to juggle more than one job. So, why not let Tripleseat be your events and catering assistant so that you have more time to do the things that you may have let go of, like marketing your venue, for instance?

Tripleseat’s time-saving features are here to save the day with these benefits:

Communicating with your team and clients

Trash your sticky notes and email chains. With technology, you can communicate about catering orders and private events with your team in one online (or, ideally, cloud-based) location. Use Tripleseat to create professional-looking documents that are updated in real-time, communicate to your team and your clients via email, and access every detail about your orders and events from one dashboard.

You can make sure specific team members are assigned tasks, so everyone understands their responsibilities, and nothing gets lost in translation. Plus, having message logs on the same platform as the rest of your event info makes it easier to search through past conversations without having to read dozens of email chains. Centralized communication for events streamlines your team’s efforts, and when you’re all on the same page, your event planning and execution operate seamlessly.

Lowering labor costs

A more efficient team and online process lead to fewer people being needed to manage and run events. You can schedule fewer team members to cover event shifts, which means you can keep your restaurant at full speed or invest less money into labor costs. It also allows your catering and private events program to grow in a manageable way that doesn’t require a significant hiring increase. Who doesn’t want to increase their event profits simply by having a few fewer hands on the floor?

Increasing availability

With technology, you can always be open for business. Integrating event management apps, software, and even a lead form with your website allows a potential customer to reach out, no matter when they’re browsing. Automation will take over, and you can continue the conversation at your convenience. You stay reachable anytime, anywhere, so your business runs on its own.

Are you looking for even more automation and time-saving features? We’ve got you covered with Tripleseat’s add-on TripleseatDirect feature that makes ordering and planning online a breeze for your clients.

Ordering ingredients

With technology, all of your ordering processes stay the same — they just move online. Use your catering and event picklists in Tripleseat to determine what you need to order based on the menus for upcoming orders and events. Create menu item categories to keep track of your food, beverage, and other types of event charges for financial breakdowns on event orders and reporting.

TripleseatDirect: Overview & Getting Started

Get to know TripleseatDirect and learn more about how it works.

Tripleseat and TripleseatDirect make it easy for you to create memories for your clients whether that be within the four walls of your venue or in their own backyards. If your venue isn’t already taking advantage of all the time-saving, memory-making features that Tripleseat has to offer, schedule a demo at your convenience to take a closer look.

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