January 2022 Marketing Ideas for the Hospitality Industry


Welcome to 2022! We are welcoming you to the beginning of the year with all of the creative food, drink, and holiday “holidays” for the month of January. These holidays are all relevant to the hospitality industry and could be implemented in your restaurant or venue’s marketing strategy when talking about current menu items, sharing user-generated content, or highlighting special promotions.

Holiday content and their hashtags can help draw extra attention to a specific dish or even give your team the chance to get creative by offering something that isn’t usually on the menu on a certain date.

Let’s take a look at January 2022, which brings an assortment of fan favorites to the spotlight. While we may feel like we need a break from holiday eating and drinking, January still highlights the seasonal cold-weather essentials, like #NationalHotToddyDay on Jan. 11, #NationalHotButteredRumDay on Jan. 17, and #NationalHotChocolateDay on Jan. 31. One thing is for sure, January wants us to keep drinking and it wants those drinks to be warm. Continue embracing these drinks on your bar menu and when these dates come, highlight the drinks through the use of their particular hashtags when posting on social media.

When looking at the food-related holidays for the month, there are special days that can be promoted with items likely already on your menu. Perhaps #NationalCheeseLoversDay on Jan 20 can highlight your stunning charcuterie boards or a delicious cheese-pulling moment with a fried dish. If you’re up in New England specifically, then Jan. 21 is your time to shine with #NationalNewEnglandClamChowderDay. This is different than a more general #NationalClamChowderDay which occurs in February. If you offer brunch at your establishment, then #NationalBlueberryPancakeDay may be the perfect fit on Jan. 28. Lastly, chances are high that something on your dessert menu will be able to help you participate in either #NationalWhippedCreamDay on Jan. 5, #NationalGlazedDoughnutDay on Jan. 12, or #NationalChocolateCakeDay on Jan. 27.

As a whole, January is also considered #NationalHotTeaMonth, #NationalSoupMonth, and #NationalBakingMonth, further agreeing with the need to stay warm and cozy in the first month of the year. As January is also often a time to reset the healthy eating button, drinking hot tea, eating detoxifying soups, and baking “healthy-ish” treats could be something to try, if you’re feeling it.

Take a look at the infographic below and think about which of these themes may work best at your restaurant or venue for January 2022.

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