Is Your Private Dining Business Down? How Technology Can Help


The nation is suffering from declining business, and the world of private dining has certainly not been spared. Things are changing more rapidly than ever, and many businesses are struggling to stay afloat in these turbulent economic times. The most successful businesses of tomorrow are those that are migrating to the newest technology today.

Technology and the Private Dining Business

Here are five ways that using technology in your private dining business can help give it a swift kick in tough times, pulling it to the next level.

1) Twitter is a free social messaging utility, used to broadcast a message in real time.  Twitter allows anyone, including your private dining company, to send brief text updates of under 140 characters to groups who have signed up to “follow” their messages.  You can use this as a one-way PR channel, or as a way of monitoring what people are saying about you by using a service such as Twitter Search, which sends you a message anytime your name is mentioned.

2) Facebook, it’s not just for college kids anymore.  Facebook is a social network designed to connect people in social networks.  It used to be for kids still carrying textbooks. Now, the average age of a Facebook user is between 30 and 40 years old.  Facebook has more tools and users than Linkedin, but as with Linkedin, may be used to form and promote special events.

3) Every private dining business should have an active CRM suite. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which is a term applied to software packages that help a company implement, manage, and foster, fantastic customer contact. Many of these software suites are filled with features that do not apply to private dining.  Also, they are expensive and not very easy to use. There is a solution to this dilemma, use a program that bucks this trend. “Tripleseat” acts as a CRM package with a simplified user experience while also rendering it more relevant to the private dining business.

4) At this date, a strong email program is essential to the future growth of almost any forward thinking business.  There are countless email programs on the market, but there is one that should get special consideration.  Fishbowl is different because it recognizes the needs of the restaurant industry as unique to any other, and has designed a program that addresses those differences.

5) The world of SEO is complex, confusing, and forever evolving.  It is also a simple ingredient that can take a small private dining business to a fully booked powerhouse.  At its core, SEO, or search engine optimization, is the art of inserting certain phrases and keywords into the text of a web page in an effort to increase page rank.  This is done so that when a search is conducted, either through Google or another search engine, your business will have top placement.

It is increasingly difficult for many small businesses to climb to their next level without tapping into the abundance of technology now available.  Fortunately, we live in a time when new technology is easy to come by, and most often, even easier to use.