Ideas Are About Execution


A good idea executed brilliantly will result in real revenue. No question about it. I just received an e-mail blast from a restaurant promoting itself and it’s private dining room. The promotion promised that if I buyout the entire restaurant for a party they would “throw in” a 2 night stay at a nice hotel. Good idea looks to be a win for me the restaurant and some hotel.


Here is where the execution on a good idea comes into play. As a consumer my first question of course is what hotel are we talking about? Is it a Holiday Inn or the Ritz. Can I stay there anytime I want? Are there blackout dates? Details, man, details. Why is space limited? It goes thru March 31. Do you mean to tell me that the next 90 days are almost booked. This does not look genuine, it feels desperate. My BS flag is starting to rise.

Finally for me to take advantage of this offer, I have to do all the work. I have to call you ( I am much to lazy for that) or e-mail you? (again much to lazy to supply all the questions I have plus give you all the details of my event)

In my opinion they would get a much better response to a good idea if they simply provided a weblink to a simple lead  landing page where I can enter my information and you can call me back.

Compare the previous e-mail with the one I just received from Grill 23 in Boston

e-mail 2With Grill 23 I can simply select the link which will send me to their SmartLead landing page where I can add my info. They are working with me not against me. I am more inclined to click then to pick up the phone or send a e-mail.

It is all about execution.