How to Turn Your Event Management Job Into a Thriving Career


It’s no secret that event managers have one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. Not everyone can do this job; it takes a certain kind of person to conquer that stress and meticulously work through all of the large and small details to produce an amazing event experience.

And you should be rewarded for everything that you do.

So how do you take a job that you love and turn it into a thriving event management career? We suggest following these four steps that will get you ahead and help you achieve success in the events industry.

Step 1: Evaluate your current job
This may sound basic, but take some time and evaluate where you’re at right now. Look at your title, job description, duties, skills, and salary. Does your job and background line up with industry standards? A few places to start the research into event management careers include:

Once you’re up-to-date on where you are in your event management career and your place in the industry, it’s time to look ahead. Decide where you want to be next. What’s the logical next step for you? How do you develop the skills and expertise to get there?

Step 2: Create a career plan
A career plan is the best way to answer those questions and provide a roadmap for your future. Use your event management career research to choose the position you’re interested in moving to next, and any positions after that. Review the skills, experience, and projects you need to accomplish to qualify for those positions.

Can you advance to the next level in your career at your current company? Meet with your manager to discuss what position you’d like to move to next, and work with them to develop a plan and a timeline to gain those skills.

Plan checkins with your manager throughout this timeline to track and measure your progress. Use Tripleseat’s reporting tools to show results. Pull reports on event sales, revenue, status, leads, and other data sets that will demonstrate how you make an impact at your venue.

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Step 3: Build your skills
It’s important to note, however, that every workplace is different. You might be lucky enough to work for a venue that can provide you with the resources you need to improve your skills and get to the next level. Or you may need to look elsewhere to improve your qualifications. Either way, there are a lot of resources available to will help you keep on top of the events industry and advance your career:

  • EventCamp — Tripleseat’s premier conference for restaurant and hotel sales and event professionals, held April 30, 2019 in Nashville. Attend EventCamp to learn from industry experts and network with event professionals from across the country.
  • Tripleseat University — Become a Tripleseat pro by registering for our online program that teaches you how to master Tripleseat and create a successful events business. Watch video tutorials, test your knowledge, and track your progress on your own time, from anywhere.
  • Tripleseat Events — Our calendar of events includes weekly webinars that will increase your Tripleseat knowledge and help you grow your events business. We also provide plenty of opportunities to network with local event professionals at our Party People happy hour events.
  • Event Manager Blog — This site is a hub for all things event planning, and includes resources such as a blog, ebooks, webinars, templates, trends, and more.
  • Event Marketer — Check out Event Marketer for information on marketing and event management trends and tips. The site offers blog posts, webinars, research, whitepapers, videos, and downloads.
  • Special Events — Access information about event trends, corporate planning, and tips for event planners. Special Events has a blog, webinars, downloads, and forecasts.

You can also take courses and earn certifications in event management from local and online universities. Do a Google search to find one that fits your needs, but be sure to check out accreditations and reviews before moving forward. This Bizzabo post lists the top 12 event planning certifications and how to qualify for them.

Step 4: Get known for your expertise
This last step is something that’s going to help you in the long term and is a necessity in today’s work culture: Building your brand. This takes some extra time, but it will help you stand out in the events industry.

There’s a number of ways you can promote your expertise, and there’s something for every comfort level: writing blog posts on industry topics or trends, creating helpful videos, answering questions on Facebook Live or Instagram Live, or posting your tips on social media.

Take it even further by connecting with industry experts or influencers. Follow them on social media and share their content. Send them an email or social media message to connect and introduce yourself. As you get to know people in the industry, offer to write guest blog posts for them, appear on their podcasts or livestreams, or speak as an expert on a panel discussion at their events. The more you put yourself out there, the more you’ll get noticed as an expert, recognized by your peers, and requested to contribute content or speak at events. This will increase your credibility, visibility, and hireability as you work your way up in the events industry.

Get started and get ahead
There’s no reason to wait to be promoted or grow your event management career. Start your path to success now by using these four steps, and start using an event management tool like Tripleseat to keep on top of every detail and organize the best events possible.

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