How Hotels are Helping Heroes During the Coronavirus Pandemic


It’s no secret that the hospitality industry has been hard hit during the coronavirus outbreak. But, as many businesses adapt to keep their doors open, some are also finding creative ways to do good and offer help where they can.

At Tripleseat, we’re proud to support hospitality businesses that are helping heroes like healthcare workers and first responders on the frontline. With this in mind, we’re highlighting a handful of these efforts taking place across the country and spotlighting some of our customers who are lending a helping hand. 


Housing healthcare professionals

With New York City being the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States, many healthcare professionals have traveled there to offer their services and support to the overcrowded hospitals. The Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn has closed its doors to the public but is currently housing medical professionals to provide a safe place for them to isolate as they continue to serve those in need at hospitals nearby. 

Their chefs are also making daily meals for ICU residents at Woodhull Hospital in South Williamsburg. To top it all off, they’re offering this assistance free of charge. 


Keeping culture alive and well

With social distancing and shelter in place orders in effect, people are missing cultural events like Broadway plays, musical performances, and art exhibits. But for some, they can still get their fix through online offerings on a national and local level.

The Betsy South Beach, a luxury boutique hotel, continues to offer cultural programming, carrying on a long-standing tradition within the Miami arts community. This includes a weekly online poetry series in partnership with SWWIM (Supporting Women Writers in Miami). In addition to supporting local artists, The Betsy’s restaurant continues to be open for takeout and delivery, and is cooking weekly to support public school efforts to feed local children in need.


Supporting the industry with goods and supplies

As with other parts of the hospitality industry, many hotels have closed for the time being. This has left employees out of work with much uncertainty around when they’ll return. 

To lend a hand during this difficult time, the LINE DC has pivoted its business and is partnering with Friends & Family Meal to offer support in a new way. Together, they are collecting food from local restaurants and overstock from suppliers, then packaging those goods to-go from the hotel lobby. Local hospitality workers who are unemployed are encouraged to pick up free bags of groceries whenever they need them. 


We’re all in this together

It’s so important now more than ever to come together as a community and support one another however we can. Whether you’re a hotel with open rooms, a restaurant with excess food, or just a person who can be of service — every act counts. Everyone at Tripleseat is here to support our customers however we can in the weeks and months ahead. If we’re able to help promote your business or offer assistance during this team, please let us know


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