Check Out These Three New Tripleseat Features!


Hot on the heels of our last feature release in August comes three more new features. Let me introduce you to alerts and notifications, discussion previews, and – last but not least – event history on leads.

Alerts and notifications

The new Tripleseat alert notifications are a game changer for those who like a visual alert of important items that happen to their events or customers. Receive an alert right away within the Tripleseat application when any of the following occur:

  • An event, task, lead, account or contact is assigned or re-assigned to a user
  • Any document is signed
  • Gratuity from the selector is agreed upon
  • A discussion is successfully delivered
  • A discussion delivery failed
  • A new lead is received (goes to the users who receives lead notifications)
  • Payment is made if integrated with stripe or BluePay

Discussion previews

Up next is discussion previews. Located to the right of alert notifications, discussion previews will show you when a customer responds to a discussion or a shared document. No longer do you have to go into an event to see if your customer responded to one of your discussions. Simply click on the chat icon and see the latest discussion. If you want to see more, simply click on the event link and you will automatically be taken to the event.

Event history on leads

Have you ever received a lead and wondered if they have booked at your venue before? Well, wonder no more. Now when you receive a lead in the lead area, you will see an alert under the events tab if they have booked before. Simply click on the lead tab and – voila! -all the history of the event is right there. Show your contact that you know them and never have to ask “have you booked with us before?”

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