Great Pubs for Events


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Something about the conviviality and warmth of a pub makes it a perfect setting for events. But these days, a “pub” doesn’t just mean a Guinness or three; pubs have evolved increasingly sophisticated menus and decor. Here are four across the country we’re fans of.

Minneapolis: Cooper Irish Pub
At this pub outside Minneapolis, expect European-inspired decor and a menu of pub classics, from baked cheddar and tomato soup to fish & chips.

Boston: Temple Bar Cambridge
Located between Harvard and Porter Square, Temple Bar is warm and upscale, a dining destination as well as a great place for a few beers.

Chicago: Public House
Call it the modern pub–a 10,000 square foot venue where not only can you order beer from the bar, you can get 12 types of beer and liquor are available on tap directly from your table.

Woodside, CA: The Village Pub
One of the best restaurants on the Peninsula, this landmark up in the hills of Woodside has the warm, cozy intimacy of an American pub but a refined fine-dining menu the equal of any in the area.