EventUp’s Homepage and Partner Page Get a New Look


Exciting things are happening here at EventUp — we have launched our brand new homepage and partner page designs. We’re always looking for better and innovative ways to streamline the event planning process for both the venues and the party planner, and part of streamlining the event planning process means consistently reviewing our website. We work to make sure that we are always providing helpful and relevant information on a website that is both easy to navigate and looks beautiful. 

With ease and innovation in mind, we have upgraded our homepage and partner page to provide venues and event planners with more of what they need for their day-to-day event happenings. 


Here are the major updates to the EventUp homepage:

Featured venues 

We recently launched sponsored listings for EventUp. With tiered pricing options, having a promoted listing on EventUp is the easiest way for your venue to get noticed by event planners. Premium placement on the homepage in the rotating featured venues section is included in the packages. 

Expanded top cities

Our most popular cities get front row seating on the homepage. Based on user behavior and listing volume, we have expanded our top cities to include more of the popular cities that event planners are searching in to make it easier for you to jump to the city of your choice. 

Easier access to the blog 

Planning an event doesn’t stop once you find and secure a venue. Choosing a venue sets the stage and theme for the overall event. Once you have decided on the location, head over to the EventUp blog for all of your event planning style and trend needs. We also have plenty of helpful content for the venue owners and event managers to streamline the event management process. 

EventUp life journey video

Find the perfect venue for wherever life takes you! Check out our latest promotional video — EventUp is here for all of your event planning needs. Whichever life event you want to celebrate, we have the perfect venue for you. 

Connect with the support team 

If you ever have any questions about your listing, your sponsored package, or want to connect with the support team for any reason, we have added a support button for easier access. The average response time for support tickets is 30 minutes. We are here to provide white-glove support to our customers and event planners and to get you answers as fast as we can.

Partner Page

Here are the major updates to the EventUp partner page:

Enhanced benefits 

There are so many ways that adding your venue to a venue directory can be beneficial to your venue’s events business. Read through the newly updated extensive list to get you excited about the possibilities for 2021. 

Easier access to the onboarding team 

Interested in adding your restaurant, hotel, or unique venue to the EventUp venue directory and growing your events business in 2021? We have added a form front and center to make it easier to request a demo with the onboarding team to chat. Get your venue added to the directory and start collecting new leads in only a couple of days.

Spotlight venues 

Throughout our marketing and sales efforts, we love to promote and show off the beautiful venues that we host. This provides more exposure for our venues and puts them in front of as many event planners’ eyes as possible. Showcasing venues throughout our marketing provides our event planners examples of the venues that we host before they create an account and gives them inspiration for their event style.

Eye-popping data 

EventUp is the largest venue directory — hosting over 15,000 restaurants, hotels, and unique venues — that streamlines the event planning process for social, and corporate event planners. EventUp provides a space to browse, request, and book a venue all in a few clicks, which makes it the most popular and natural choice for event planners. And the proof is in the numbers. EventUp manages millions of users and booked event revenue every year for their customers.

How to join the directory 

To upgrade your current EventUp sponsored listing or to join the directory, schedule a demo today to learn more!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on the EventUp.com blog.