New Feature: Assign Incoming Leads To Sales Managers or Staff


Hot off the Development desk, we are introducing a great new feature to our Leads area of Tripleseat called Lead Assignments. Now when a new Lead comes in from your website, Tripleseat Venue Directory, Facebook or internally you can assign a Manager and/or Sales Manager to be responsible for that event lead. Having leads assigned to someone specifically will eliminate confusion on who has the lead and who is responsible for converting the lead to an event booking.

Also included in this update is the ability to filter on Lead page by the person who is assigned the lead. If you filter the leads by your name, for example, you will only see your leads. This filter will help Event Manager focus only on the leads that they are responsible for and eliminate the confusion that may come from too many Event leads that you capture. But wait… you guessed it… there is more. We have also included reporting on the leads by Sales Manager. The reporting enables insight into how many leads a person is receiving and how they doing with converting the leads to bookings.

To assign a lead to a person simply select “edit” on the lead and from the dropdown, choose who you want to assign the lead to. Tripleseat will also send an email to the assignee that they now have lead assigned to them.