Four Ways Tripleseat Can Double Your Private Dining Business


Let’s face facts people, as a rule of thumb, don’t purchase something unless there is something in it for them. This includes purchases for work or their personal life.  Everyone should start every buying decision by saying to the sales person “what’s in it for me?” Let’s just cut to the chase, no fluff, no BS, just straight talk.

It is with that mentality that we recently created a easy to use and understand Return on Investment Worksheet for people interested in knowing what Tripleseat can do for them.  In short, Tripleseat can DOUBLE your Private Dining and Special Event Business.

How? Let me list the ways and then with the ROI Worksheet you can see for yourself if it applies to your restaurant.

  1. Multi Task / Increased Selling Time-Studies show that automated account management systems decrease paperwork and wasted time. Increased selling time nets at least 2 additional booking per user, per year.
  2. Lost Business Tracking and Found Bookings-Tripleseat can track the who, what, where, when and why of lost business — making it possible to fill last minute cancellations and solicit upcoming events.  In addition Tripleseat can capture leads that would otherwise be lost due to a poor process like leads lost in a spam filter of e-mail or lost notes.
  3. Lead Management and Multi Store Booking-With Tripleseat Lead Booking Engine, your sales people will now be equipped with advanced tools that will allow them to respond quickly before your competitors even pick up the phone. If you have multiple restaurants add bookings to your sister restaurant if you are already booked.
  4. Improved Customer Service-Instantly confirm space, dates, and menus. Your  customers won’t be contacting the competition, while waiting for your sales staff to research their request.  Tripleseat lets you pinpoint active accounts to provide uninterrupted customer service. Tripleseat provides on-line customer information, access to past account history, and more. With typical sales manager turnover, this results in a minimum of 2 additional per year, per user.

Private Dining

If that is not enough for you, think about this for a moment, Nations Restaurant News recently stated  “National Restaurant Association’s 2008 Restaurant Industry Operations Report, parties and banquets at full-service restaurants with average checks of $25 and up account for between 10 percent and 15 percent of total sales” What this means is that if your restaurant does $1M in gross revenue, $100K of that (10%) is in Private Dining alone. That is a big number. How would you like to double that number, to say $200K? Who wouldn’t?

Click HERE to use the ROI worksheet .  If you like, you can give us a call and we can go through it together.

Time to Double Up.