Tripleseat Introduces Discussions


Let the Discussion Begin.

Discussions is a private and secure area within a Booking that lets you discuss event details or documents, such as Banquet Event Orders, Contracts and Proposals, with your prospects, customers, and staff. Now you can stop trying to collaborate solely over email and start having a discussion.

  • Close deals faster
  • Build stronger relationships with customers
  • Improve communication with internal staff and teams
  • Eliminate email clutter and confusion
  • Simplify the Planning Process

Does this scenario sound familiar? You book an event for 25 that is scheduled to start at 6PM with a straight forward menu. One week before the event starts the client wants to change the time to 5:30PM, have a cocktail hour, increase the number of guests to 45 and offer a choice of steak or salmon…at the same price.

So the scramble begins.

You have to alert the Chef that the menu, time and number of guests has changed and is it OK with him that you add a second entree at the last second? Next you have to run to the General Manager and let him know not to seat anyone in the room after 5:00PM and can he/she get another person to work the bar? Finally you have to break the good news/bad news to your client that you are making it happen but the price is going to be higher.

All this for a single event. What happens when you do multiple events in a single day? The amount of emails flying around to communicate a simple change or new event is mind numbing and time consuming. The checking an re-checking to see if they received the first email then confirming of the emails only to refer back to a email that was not part of the original email train. Ugghhh…

Enter Tripleseat Discussions. With Discussions, you can create a booking and/or Event Order/Proposal and share not only the details of the booking and its documents with the client but also with the staff. Need to change the attendance to from 25 to 45 and alert the Chef, General Manager, Manager on Duty and the Client? Not a problem. Simply start a Discussion within Tripleseat and your communication will automatically get emailed to all the stakeholders you’ve assign. To boot, it will be recorded in the booking’s history as a discussion point. Done and Done.

What if someone response to the email? Easy Peasy – discussions work both ways. If someone responds via email, that response will automatically be relayed back to all assigned managers and staff and recorded into the event’s discussion. No need to cut and paste or lose the email flow of the discussion.