Version 1.6 of Tripleseat is Ready


New Updates and News on Tripleseat

A. Updates to Tripleseat
B. Lead Booking Engine
C. Welcome to our new Business Development Managers
D. Partnerships with Groupdyne and Affinity Merchant Networks

A. Yeah Updates
Booking Tab and Calendar Go Dynamic
I am pleased to announce the filter updates for the Booking Tab and Calendar page. A number of  users where asking if the Booking area of Tripleseat can have additional filters like Booking Date Range and Booking Owner. In addition to the filters multi select was also requested. So in typical Tripleseat fashion we added the requested filters and also included multi select. To make it easy, the bookings will now automatically appear as you are selecting the filters. So, if you want to see all the booking in the month of June for 1 by booking manager, room, and status of closed lost just select the filters and watch the information appear as you choose your criteria.
But wait, there is more. Like what the output is from your filters? Now you can select the Excel icon and have the information exported to Excel in seconds. Need a booking report for June? No problem, just select your filters and export to Excel and you are done. We even included a total column for the F&B minimum and actual fields in Excel.

Filters for the Calendar Too
The Calendar page also has new filters. You can now filter the calendar by Booking Manager and multi select by status and/or rooms. Did you recently turn down business because you did not have the space but now have a cancellation and want to fill that space with the turn down? Simply go to the calendar and filter by restaurant, select “closed lost status” and now you can see who to call back to fill the room. Similiar to the Booking Area the Calendar will dynamically change as you select your filters. There are thousands of combinations so filter away.

Need For Speed
The Tripleseat speed demons have been hard at work under the hood to add additional speed to the site. The most noticeable place you will see a big speed increase is exporting data to Excel. Thousands of bookings exported to Excel is not a problem. It now only takes seconds for thousands of items like contact information to be exported.

B. Lead Booking Engine
The Tripleseat Lead Booking Engine has really taken off. Since the introduction of the Lead Engine Tripleseat has captured over 600 leads for the customers taking advantage of this great new feature.

leads-image1The theory of prospects wanting the convienence and control of being able to request information for their events has proven to be correct as more and more leads are now coming from the web than from the phone or e-mail. The added bonus with the Tripleseat Lead booking Engine is now you can convert a lead to an Account/Contact and a Booking with two clicks of the mouse. Gone are the days of lost leads or searching thru old e-mails trying to find the lead contact information or details. If you want the lead booking engine give us a call. It only takes 5 minutes from your call to the creation of the landing page.

C. Welcome to our new Business Development Managers

New Offices in Phoenix, Portsmouth NH & Washington DC
Despite the lousy economy Tripleseat has really grown,adding new customers weekly from San Francisco to Maine. Because of this growth I am happy to announce the addition of Jim and Erik in Phoenix, Sean in Washington DC, and Bonnie in Portsmouth NH. They will be responsible for selling Tripleseat and supporting you, the customer. The team represents over 100 years in combined experience in both hospitality and software.  I am super excited to have assembled a “A” team who are dedicated to helping and supporting restaurant Owners and Operators with their Private Dining needs.

D. Partnerships with Groupdyne and Affinity Merchant Networks
Marketing Partnerships to Help You Grow

Tripleseat has entered into two partnerships that promises to help you grow both your Private Dining and a la carte business. Any partnership that I do is always with you, the customer in mind. Both and the Affinity Merchant Network are great marketing programs that can really help you drive your business

Affinity Merchant Network
As you know, traditional marketing methods — mailings, newspaper ads, radio promotions, etc. — are expensive, and there is no guarantee they will work.  Affinity Solutions, the operator of the Affinity Merchant Network, provides access to reward and loyalty programs that increase sales and raise the average spend of your customers. Across the U.S., retail partners in the Affinity Merchant Network have access to 60 million  cardholders from hundreds of financial institutions.  By joining the Affinity Merchant Network, your business can receive a boost in incremental revenue using a marketing method that’s effective, easy to measure, and more scalable than traditional advertising. By joining the Affinity Merchant Network you will receive:
Exposure to hundreds of thousands of potential customers through marketing sponsored by financial institutions like Sovereign Bank and Capital One

  1. An Account Manager to guide you through the process of joining the Affinity Merchant Network so you capture all the benefits of your membership
  2. Detailed monthly reporting on sales consolidated by reward program and offer
  3. Marketing collateral for your store
  4. As a customer of Tripleseat there is no cost to join the Affinity Merchant Network. currently places over $175,000 each week in group dining reservations at venues nationwide. can increase your dining revenues by as much as $50,000 annually., is exciting hospitality and restaurant marketing firm, helps people find and book their perfect event at a restaurant, hotel, banquet hall, golf and country club or special event venue. They improve the on line exposure and visibility of restaurants that offer group dining through our interactive website, partnerships with over 250 corporations and a national travel partner as well as our free concierge service.

As a partner with Groupdyne we will be able to provide a discounted monthly rate and integration to the Tripleseat Lead Booking Engine. This is a great service and perfect marketing opportunity for you to extend your on line presence beyond your website.