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  • Everything You Need to Know About Tripleseat’s BEOs

    Tripleseat is here to help your restaurant, hotel, or unique venue with every part of the event management process. That means from the beginning with the Tripleseat lead form, the middle with Tripleseat’s digital Banquet Event Orders — BEOs — and client communication, and the end with billing and payment processing. We know that your […]

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  • Private Dining Resources: Free banquet event order templates

    When we redesigned the Tripleseat website a few weeks back, we wanted to make sure we did a couple of things: Keep the existing BEO templates available Give use the ability to expand our resources section to include additional goodies to help our customers and community better do their jobs. It has always been our goal to […]

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  • How To Create a Banquet Event Order Template

    The Tripleseat Sales and Event Management web application can create a Banquet Event Order in just a few clicks of the mouse. Gone are the days of cutting and pasting from old BEOs and Word docs. Standard, ugly BEOs delivered to your client via e-mail or fax are a thing of the past. With Tripleseat […]

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  • Tips for Increasing Your Average Event Price

    In the restaurant and dining event industry, the client is king. There are usually two ways to increase your profits—attract more clients, or better-paying clients. Since having more clients and charging less for your services means a lot more work, the ideal situation is to land clients who will pay more for what you deliver. […]

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