Big Event Fail: A Wedding Reception Weather Disaster


Alecia Nagle

As the Sales & Event Manager for RW Events at the Cypress Grove Estate in Orlando, Fla., Alecia Nagle experiences the good and bad that comes with preparing her venue for a bride’s big day.

Cypress Grove is a stunning Florida estate with beautiful outdoor decor, perfect for any wedding photography. The one catch though, as with any outdoor space, is the battle with unpredictable weather elements. In this week’s Big Event Fail, Alecia recounts one specific day when the weather did not play in her favor in her event fail story below.

“Working at a fully outdoor location, the weather is a big concern! One particular bride who had planned her wedding at our venue had been envisioning and planning her wedding reception to be a beautiful outdoor reception. On this specific wedding day though, the forecast did not call for the sunny skies that we hoped and rain was predicted at the time of the reception. Given the noted forecast, we opted to set the event under a tent to shield from the impending rain. When the bride realized the change, she became extremely upset and still wanted her reception fully outdoors without the tent. We agreed to move everything back outside and then as predicted, the sky opened up with rain. Our staff quickly moved all of the tables back under a tent, but everything and everyone was soaked.

“Although we had predicted this unfortunate outcome, we still worked to solve the problem as quickly as possible for the bride on her special day. Overall the day included many emotions ranging from stressful and upset to happy and understanding. The weather is not in anyone’s control, so in the end the bride was understanding of the situation and we were understanding to her needs.

“After this event fail, I learned the importance of separating yourself from emotions in a complicated scenario. In hindsight, I should have stuck with my original plan of using the tent during the reception, but the emotions on the wedding day persuaded myself and my staff to change to the alternative. While the client’s needs are always the priority, the larger disaster could have been avoided had we stuck with our professional recommendation.”

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