Author: Kate Kennedy

  • Cocktails with Kate & James: Thanksgiving 2021

    It’s that time of year once again when we gather with family and friends and stuff our faces with delicious food, wine, and of course, cocktails. James and I have two perfect additions to your Thanksgiving cocktail rotation. Both are impressive yet easy to make and pack a bit of a punch to keep you […]

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  • 5 Great Examples of Holiday Emails

    Creating the perfect hospitality marketing email can be stressful, and the holiday promotional email can be the toughest as it has the most potential. Holiday events and catering can make or break your year and take you from the red into the black. As a hospitality marketing professional, I get a lot of emails each holiday season […]

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  • Q3 2021 Tripleseat Feature Release Fireside Chat

    The last few months have flown by, and the holiday season has officially begun. Time to get your Tripleseat holiday lead forms and TripleseatDirect holiday booking forms in front of the masses to ensure you have a very happy and lucrative end to 2021.  It’s also time to discuss a few new features we’ve released […]

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  • Let Tripleseat Help You Create Memories for Your Customers

    We’re all sick of hearing it, and we’re all sick of saying it. But, for this blog post, I’ll say it one more time: 2020 was tough. It was tough for so many reasons that don’t need explanation, and it was especially tough on the industry we love, the hospitality industry. Businesses closed for good, […]

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  • Cocktails with Kate & James: Fall Favorites

    James DeFayette, Tripleseat’s Hotel Onboarding Specialist, and I were thrilled to bring you guys a fall 2021 edition of Cocktails with Kate & James. As I was adding this post to our site, I realized the last time we hosted one was in November of 2020! That’s right, folks; it’s been almost an entire year […]

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  • How TripleseatDirect WiII Save You Time and Make You Money

    You’ve probably heard us talk a lot recently about our newest product update, TripleseatDirect. But maybe you’re still hesitant to take the jump and incorporate it into your business operations. You have questions about its functionality, purpose, and if the hype is genuinely all we’ve made it out to be. We can’t force you to […]

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  • Q2 2021 Tripleseat Feature Releases and Fireside Chat

    How is it already the end of August? Time flies when you’re having fun, and here at Tripleseat, we’ve been having a blast putting out new releases all summer long to keep our favorite people — our customers — happy. Let’s dive right in and talk about a few of those releases. You can also […]

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  • Lauren Rullo of Weber Grill Restaurants: What’s in Your Bag?

    Lauren Rullo, Sales and Marketing Manager for Weber Grill Restaurants, books and handles all private and large group dining, catering, grill classes, as well as all off-premise and on-site grilling events for the entire Chicagoland market. She also works alongside the corporate marketing director to develop and support all marketing efforts. Rullo began as a […]

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