Hosting international event planners opens up a new revenue stream, especially since venues can charge premium prices for international packages and services. It also opens up an entirely new world of potential prospects and customers.

You may be thinking promoting your venue to international corporate, social, and wedding planners is too difficult and out of your marketing budget — but it’s easier than you think to attract and drive international event revenue. You can take advantage of your current VENUES by Tripleseat and EventUp powered by Tripleseat listing pages and make a few updates to the current information you share or add a few new pieces of information. Below are the seven things that your venue listing needs to attract international visitors and leads.

1. Good quality venue photos

I cannot stress enough how important the photos you select to add to your listing are the single most important factor for event planners even taking the time to look at your listing. Listings with three or more photos see a 30% increase in event leads. 

Your listing should have a minimum of 10 photos. Event planners want to see every space and angle to get a real feel for what the spaces offer and start to envision how they can set up each part of the party or event. 

If you can, hire a professional photographer to come in and shoot your venue while it’s empty and during the day when you have the most natural light. It’s also a best practice to ask any customers who hire a photographer if you can have access to any photos that show off the space set up and during actual events.  

Photos should include inside spaces, outside spaces, day, night, unique details of the venue, gardens, water fountains, views, kitchen, pool, overnight rooms, the venue empty, the venue set up for different types of parties and events, and photos both with and without guests. Read these blog posts for more about professional venue photography:

2. Detailed descriptions of international event packages and vendors

Your profile must have a detailed description of your venue, offerings, menu, and why your venue is unique. Be very clear in the description that you do, in fact, accommodate international event bookings. If you leave this information out of your description, most planners will assume that you don’t accept event requests from out-of-country event planners, and they will move on to find a venue that does. 

Provide as much information as you can about any international event packages that the venue offers, as well as the types of preferred vendors you work with. Planning and traveling internationally for an event can be stressful; you will want to make it as easy as possible for event planners to fully understand what is included with their event contract and who they can work with for anything the venue doesn’t offer. 

3. Select all amenities that your venue offers

When event planners are looking for the perfect international venue for their next event, they select options and amenities needed for the particular type of event they are planning. You want to make sure that your venue appears as often as possible in the search results for those unique qualities your venue offers. When you set up your listing profile, the amenities are selected based on a drop-down menu selection. Anything you choose as an amenity can also be included in your description as a keyword. 

4. Details on COVID safety at your venue

According to a survey conducted by OpenTable and the James Beard Foundation, 45% of diners say a restaurant’s food is most important when selecting a restaurant in 2021, with 34% of diners saying a restaurant following regulated health and safety measures is most important.

Party and event planners are looking to see how COVID-safe your venue is, especially when guests are flying internationally to attend the event. COVID protocols are now the new norm when traveling, even locally. So asking guests to follow a few safety procedures will not be an inconvenience, but guests will appreciate the fact that they can trust the venue and attend parties again safely.

5. Positive reviews from international guests

More than 80% of people trust reviews online even if they don’t know the person who wrote the review. The more positive reviews you have on your listing, the more new people will become guests themselves. Create an email or social media campaign encouraging happy guests to leave positive reviews by offering a free appetizer or champagne toast at the event. Then add those positive reviews to your listing.

6. Virtual tours of your event spaces

Nothing brings your event space to life quite like a virtual tour. Virtual tours are the perfect marketing tool to ensure your venue stays booked month after month. They’re beneficial for planners who have never seen your venue in person before or maybe booking a venue in another country. Even better is that you don’t have to be a professional videographer or hire one for thousands of dollars to create your virtual tour to make a big impact. Here are the steps you should take to create a virtual tour of your venue and event space.

Sharing your venue tours across your website, social accounts, and venue directory listings – lets thousands of event planners into your space virtually. Use these videos as a way to show off and brag about your space and all the wonderful and unique events you can accommodate. Event planners are highly visual folks who want to see your space before booking an event with you. Providing a video tour along with your photos makes them feel as if they have visited your space in person and comfortable enough to start their event planning journey with you.

7. Completed profile sections

With each of your directory profiles, fill out each available section. The benefits of filling out all sections are two-fold:

  1. By adding all the options, your venue increases how often you appear in search results. When event planners look for the perfect venue for their event, they select options and amenities that mean the most to them. You want to make sure that your venue appears as often as possible on the search results page for those options you offer. 
  2. Second, the more complete your profile is, the more an event planner can understand your venue and unique space and visualize their event with you. Do not limit your search results possibilities by leaving fields blank or generic.

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