7 Reasons Tripleseat is Right for Your Venue

Tripleseat is right for your venue

The event industry continues to evolve in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic. You may be wondering if Tripleseat is right for your venue. If we have learned anything from the crisis, event management technology plays a crucial role in success. Today, we see more events return to an in-person model, but we’re not reverting to our old ways. Our industry, culture, and customers have changed. We are still in the middle of a large-scale and exciting evolution.

COVID = Mass Adoption of Technology

The COVID pandemic certainly forced many venues to quickly and creatively change their way of running events and catering. To accommodate stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and sanitation requirements, many used digital services to cut down manual work. Tech helped them to improve operation efficiency, conduct online communications, run marketing initiatives, enhance products and services, process transactions, and analyze successes. Venues freed up staff time so that they were able to prioritize the job aspects that were impacted by the pandemic. 

Likewise, customers quickly adapted to using digital services to work and live. Work-at-home restrictions made way for most people to embrace technology and come to expect modern-day tech to make things simple and accessible. Truly, we have seen a huge acceleration and mass adoption of technology.

Is technology required for success in event management?

Yes, regardless of the size of your event programs or whether you do in-house or catered events or to-go options, you need an event management platform. Even though we are not in crisis mode any longer, the fast pace of tech adoption is not likely to slow down.

Every event going forward will still need to maintain ever-changing COVID preventative protocols. You also will need to continue to improve operations, efficiency, and growth. Your customers likewise will continue to expect technology to save time, add convenience, and improve accuracy while they plan their events. If you use event management technology, you will see huge benefits.

Why does tech improve event businesses?

Why Tripleseat is a must-have event management technology for your venue

1. We streamline event operations

Tripleseat is right for your venue as our platform makes planning and booking easy. As a venue that does either on-site events or catering, you need a centralized and branded way for people for the entire booking process. Tripleseat offers an easy way to capture leads. You can place customized lead forms on your website, social media, and more.

TripleseatDirect is a simple, commission-less booking platform. It makes it easy for your customers to book, plan, and pay for on-premise events, off-premise catering, and other experiences. You can put this tech tool directly on your venue’s website, within your social media, and also on Tripleseat’s EventUp, a self-service venue directory. Learn more about TripleseatDirect and EventUp on our website.

2. One central place for everything

We are a cloud-based platform. Simply put, that means Tripleseat is with you whenever, wherever, and however. As event details often change, and at any time, we are available on all your devices. Quickly build banquet event orders, contracts, and proposals, as well as manage contacts and communications in one place. The best part is that we allow your entire team to access what they need to. Every update and request you make in our technology is automatically updated for your chefs, managers, staff, and customers.

3. We prioritize the customer experience

We know that customer experience is the top priority for your event business. Your customers have access to their own planning portal in Tripleseat where they can view their banquet event order and other documents, e-sign proposals, make payments, answer and ask questions, view and select menus, and more. The portal provides a convenient way for you and your customers to exchange the necessary information. It is frictionless, personalized, and reliable. Your customers will thank you.

4. We make payments easy and safe

As a venue, you need to ensure that you make online payments easy to do and securely. Taking payments over the phone or waiting for a check to arrive in the mail is time-consuming and problematic. It also is not secure. It puts personal information at risk. With Tripleseat, customers can easily and securely pay with any credit card through partnerships with Clover Connect, Stripe, and Square.

5. We integrate with other tech powerhouses

We recognize there are other tech platforms that are amazing! Tripleseat’s platform integrates with leading partners, hospitality software, email marketing, payment processing, and more. This will keep operations running seamlessly for your events and beyond. Read more about Tripleseat partnerships on our Marketplace site.

6. Knowledge through analytics and reporting

Tripleseat is the right choice for you if you want robust and flexible reports to view your business’ performance. You can improve productivity and identify opportunities to increase sales. Understand your customers and their behaviors to anticipate demand and improve your business. You’ll be better equipped to adjust to trends, plan marketing initiatives, and use customer feedback to respond and make positive changes.

7. Tripleseat is right for great ROI

Time is money. Tripleseat allows you to automate tasks and reduce time spent on mundane duties. Also, your customers will be happier because your event quality will be elevated. You will be able to increase productivity, lower operational costs, and increase bookings. Tripleseat has helped more than 11,000 venues increase their sales by 30% or more.

Get the right technology in place today

With the right technology, you can be more efficient with your time. You’ll be able to focus on improving your events and having more profitable events. So go ahead and reach out! The ultimate success of your event business correlates directly to the tech you use. Tripleseat has tailored its offerings for venues to improve.

If you’re not a Tripleseat customer and you’re interested in learning more about Tripleseat’s event management tools and CRM features, schedule a demo at your convenience to take a closer look.

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