10 Questions With Palihouse in West Hollywood


In the bustling city of Los Angeles, it’s not always easy to find a place as welcoming, serene, and unique as the Palihouse in West Hollywood. Many natives may not even realize the Palihouse exists right in their neighborhood due to its minimal signage, but it is definitely a hidden gem that you should consider for your next overnight stay or private event in West Hollywood.

Built 11 years ago, the Palihouse is the original property in the Palisociety collection of unique hotels and residences. Since the building was initially built as apartments and condos, every single room is equipped with a living area, kitchenette, washer, and dryer to accommodate all guests no matter the length of their stay. Past the cozy accommodations, you can find a spacious lobby, private dining room, open-air courtyard, and stunning rooftop within the property. Every piece within each of the respective spaces demonstrates the eclectic personality of this original Palihouse, where all pieces seem a little mismatched at first, but then come together seamlessly.

This special venue has the amenities of a traditional hotel — Mardi Restaurant, a fully functioning restaurant and bar with a rooftop space; guest accommodations, and hotel space — but does not feel like a traditional hotel. Stepping through the entrance of the Palihouse brings you the feeling of walking into the living room of someone’s home, providing guests with a comfortable and welcoming feeling for their stay.

We recently hosted a customer event on the rooftop of the Palihouse and took a grand tour of the alluring space with Nicole Castaneda, Event Sales Director, and Izzy Hernandez, Events Coordinator, on Facebook Live. Castaneda and Hernandez answered questions about the venue, their careers, the events industry, and using Tripleseat’s event management software. Check out the full interview below:

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